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Interstate 65 South
Interstate 65 is given the name of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway through Johnson County, but the name is not commonly used. Photo taken 06/06/12.
South of Exit 101, Interstate 65 approaches Exit 99, serving Greenwood's Main Street. Exit 99 for a long time was the only Greenwood interchange and had become congested from the growing suburban population, prompting the need for Exit 101. There is now a possibility for a new exit, Exit 97 to be built two miles to the south of Exit 99 at Worthsville Road, but no timetable has been set. Photo taken 12/16/11.
Exit 99 is a diamond interchange between Interstate 65 and Main Street. To the east, the road becomes Rocklane Road, heading into the rural environs of Greenwood. To the west, it is Main Street through the heart of Greenwood and west to Indiana 135 where it ends. Photo taken 12/16/11.
An Interstate 65 reassurance shield south of Exit 99. At this spot, the highway reverts back to four lanes with the bulk of the Indianapolis suburban traffic gone. Still, there is plenty of traffic en route toward Franklin, Columbus and Louisville. Photo taken 06/06/12.
As the inner lane of Interstate 65 southbound collapses, a mileage sign announces the next destination of Whiteland (5 miles) along with Columbus (31 miles) and Louisville (101 miles). Photo taken 12/16/11.
Now approaching Exit 95 (Whiteland Road). As the name suggests, Whiteland Road serves the communities of Whiteland and New Whiteland along U.S. 31 to the west. Photo taken 12/16/11.
A half-mile away from Exit 95 (Whiteland). Several truck stops surround the interchange with Whiteland Road providing a rest stop for truckers heading south toward Louisville or north into Indianapolis. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Now at Exit 95 (Whiteland) which is a diamond interchange with Whiteland Road. Whiteland Road continues to the west to U.S. 31 as well as Indiana 135 and Indiana 37, connecting those highways with Interstate 65. Photo taken 06/06/12.
South of Exit 95 (Whiteland), the next community, the Johnson County seat of Franklin, is six miles away. Columbus is 26 miles and Louisville is 96 miles. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Now approaching Exit 90 (Indiana 44) which serves the communities of Franklin to the immediate west and Shelbyville, about 20 miles to the east. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Now a half mile away from Exit 90 (Indiana 44). Indiana 44 is a 90-mile highway that stretches from Martinsville at Indiana 37 to the west to the Ohio border east of Liberty, connecting Franklin, Shelbyville, Rushville, and Connersville along the way. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Franklin College, a private liberal arts college that was founded in 1834 is just west along Indiana 44 in Franklin. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A diamond interchange facilitates movements between Interstate 65 and Indiana 44. In Franklin the road is known as King Street and then Jefferson Street as it moves past the Downtown of the community before heading west toward Martinsville. Shelbyville lies to the east at Interstate 74 and was recently rebuilt to handle the added traffic between Franklin and Shelbyville. Photo taken 06/06/12.
South of Exit 90, the town of Edinburgh lies next at ten miles. Columbus follows at 22 miles with Louisville at 92 miles. Photo taken 06/06/12.
2 photos
2 photos
Views of Interstate 65 along the ten-mile stretch in between interchanges from Franklin to Edinburgh. Photos taken 06/06/12.
Interstate 65 south passes underneath County Line Road and enters the extreme southwestern corner of Shelby County. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Indiana 252 joins Interstate 65 with Edinburgh and Flat Rock via Exit 80 in one mile. Photo taken 06/06/12.
One half mile north of the Exit 80 diamond interchange with Indiana 252. SR 252 follows Shelby Avenue to the Edinburgh city center and Center Cross Street to old U.S. 31. Indiana 252 and U.S. 31 share 3.7 miles northwest from town to a split for Trafalgar and Franklin respectively. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Exit 80 parts ways with Interstate 65 north for Indiana 252. Indiana 252 ends about ten miles to the east of Flat Rock at Indiana 9. The west section of the route travels 39 miles overall from Martinsville eastward. A second segment of SR 252 exists for 11 miles between Brookville and the Ohio state line near Scipio. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Columbus is now 12 miles away with Seymour at 34 miles. Louisville is 82 miles away. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Interstate 65 south passes underneath County Line Road, again, to cross into Bartholomew County. Photo taken 06/06/12.


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