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The Cordele Business Loop for Interstate 75 traveled a 7.2-mile C-shaped route west from Exit 101 to Exit 104. The southern leg of the route followed U.S. 280 & SR 30-90 along 16th Avenue west from a diamond interchange with I-75 to U.S. 41 & SR 7. The business route turned north through Downtown Cordele along side U.S. 41 & SR 7-90 on 7th Street to exit the city across Gum Creek. A rural intersection with Farmers Creek Road returned the loop east to I-75.

U.S. 280 State Route 30 West State Route 90 North
Leading west from Interstate 75, U.S. 280 & Georgia 30-90 constitute a five-lane commercial arterial to U.S. 41 (7th Street) outside Downtown Cordele. This stretch of 16th Avenue doubled as Business Loop I-75. The first shield for the business loop preceded Greer Street. It was removed with this assembly by 2010 but reposted by 2013. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Four blocks east of the Georgia 90 and former Business Loop I-75 northbound split with U.S. 280 & Georgia 30 (16th Avenue) at 3rd Street. Photo taken 12/27/09.
5th Street heads north from U.S. 280 (16th Avenue) to eastern reaches of Downtown Cordele and south through the residential street grid. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Forthcoming U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 travel along 7th Street through Cordele, joining the city with Ashburn to the south and Vienna to the north. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 41 State Route 7 State Route 90 North
U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 follow 7th Street north through Cordele. The pair merge with Georgia 90 at U.S. 280 (16th Avenue) south of Downtown. Business Loop I-75 used to join the trio northward to Farmers Branch Road. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 41 State Route 7 State Route 90 South
U.S. 41 south combined with Business Loop I-75 south at Farmers Branch Road in a rural area one mile north of the Cordele city line. Farmers Branch Road heads east to Watermelon Capital Speedway, Exit 104 of I-75 and GA 257 at Tremont Road. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 41 & Georgia 7-90 turns south from a four-lane divided highway for 7th Street to Downtown Cordele. Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 41 (7th Street) intersects 11th Avenue at the first of a series of traffic lights through Cordele. Photo taken 03/15/10.
Southbound U.S. 41 (7th Street) at 12th Avenue. Photo taken 03/15/10.
13th Avenue leads west from U.S. 41 to 13th Street and east to Pecan Street at Williams Park. Photo taken 03/15/10.
Two blocks ahead of the Business Loop I-75 turn from 7th Street onto 16th Avenue east. Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 280, a 392-mile route from Birmingham, Alabama to Blitchton in Bryan County, enters Cordele from Leslie to the west alongside GA 30. Georgia 90 splits with U.S. 41 south here for a 2.2-mile overlap along U.S. 280 (16th Avenue) east. Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (7th Street) continue south from the split with Business Loop I-75 to exit Cordele ahead of Cedar Creek and Georgia 300. U.S. 280 carries the former business loop east back to I-75 as the main commercial route for the city. Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 280 State Route 30 East State Route 90 South
Also known as Veterans Highway, U.S. 280 & GA 30-90 travel 16th Avenue east from U.S. 41 to Interstate 75. A trailblazer for I-75 is signed instead as Business Loop I-75. A swap of the TO banner to an EAST banner would make it correct, though most instances of Business Loops are signed with trailblazers of the parent route from downtown or the area business district, rather than reassurance markers of the business route. Photo taken 03/15/10.
16th Avenue constitutes a five-lane commercial arterial east from U.S. 41 to Interstate 75. This view looks at U.S. 280 east at 5th Street. Photo taken 03/15/10.
3rd Street connects U.S. 280 & GA 30-90 with the residential street grid both north and south of 16th Avenue. Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 280 (16th Avenue) kinks southward ahead of Pecan Street. Shopping centers occupy the northern half of the signalized intersection. Photo taken 03/15/10.
The next set of reassurance markers for U.S. 280 and Georgia 30-90 posted along 16th Avenue reside between Broad Street and the entrance to Cordele Market Place shopping center. An I-75 trailblazer takes the place of a Business Loop I-75 shield. Photo taken 03/15/10.
A number of traveler services line U.S. 280 (16th Avenue) from Greer Street east into the diamond interchange with Interstate 75. Photo taken 03/15/10.
Interstate 75 skims eastern reaches of the Cordele city limits south to Georgia 300 (Exit 99) and north to Georgia 257 (Exit 102). Photo taken 03/15/10.
U.S. 280-Georgia 30 east & Georgia 90 south reach the on-ramp for I-75 south to Tifton, Valdosta and Tampa, Florida. Business Loop I-75 concluded here. Photo taken 03/15/10.

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