Interstate 83 replaced the U.S. 111 designation from Baltimore northward to York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The freeway entails the Jones Falls Expressway between downtown Baltimore and Interstate 695, the Baltimore Beltway (Interstate 695) between Exits 23 and 24, and the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway from Interstate 695 northward to the Pennsylvania state line. Exit numbering along Interstate 83 varies between a sequential system within the Beltway and a mileage-based system from the Beltway northward. Initial sections of the freeway opened as U.S. 111 during the late 1950s. U.S. 111 was replaced wholly by either Interstate 83 or MD 45 in 1963.

Interstate 83 Maryland Guides

The south end of Interstate 83 was intended to connect directly with Interstate 95, traveling an east-west alignment from Fells Point to Interstate 95 at Boston and O'Donnell Streets. Construction never broke ground due to intense community opposition, especially from the historic Fells Point neighborhood. Ramp stubs were added at Interstate 95 (Exit 57) and the Jones Falls Expressway viaduct was completed south to Fayette Street. All other work never materialized and Interstate 83 remains a freeway spur to downtown for interests to the north.
A second abandoned proposal involving the Jones Falls Expressway entails a northeasterly alignment from the current freeway end at Brooklandville (MD 25 / Falls Road) to Interstate 83 (Exit 18).
Interstate 83 scenes
A stub appears on the I-95 southbound viaduct alongside the Interstate Avenue on-ramp for an unconstructed flyover meant to carry I-83 southbound traffic to I-95 south. 08/04/13
2 photos
2 photos
The first on-ramp to Interstate 83 brings drivers onto the Jones Falls Expressway from Gay Street northbound adjacent to The Fallsway. A blank button copy overhead hangs above the on-ramp. 06/20/12
Centre Street arcs northeast under I-83 ahead of The Fallsway and Monument Street. A trailblazer directs motorists onto the Jones Falls Expressway entrance ramp from The Fallsway nearby. 06/20/12
Madison Street, in conjunction with Monument Street, provides a one way street couplet of through streets from the Mount Vernon community north of downtown to Johns Hopkins Hospital. An on-ramp exists from Madison Street at The Fallways onto Interstate 83 (Jones Falls Expressway) north. 06/20/12
The last remaining button copy shield of Interstate 83 in either Maryland or Pennsylvania affixed to the overhead above the Madison Street on-ramp at The Fallsway. 06/20/12
The Jones Falls Expressway (JFX) stems north of the Interstate 83 merge onto Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) one half mile to MD 25 (Falls Road) and Joppa Road. The JFX transitions into MD 25 and Falls Road north to MD 130 (Greenspring Valley Road). For MD 25 southbound travelers, the state route departs the four lane Falls Road for the two lane Falls Road at the JFX southbound beginning. Joppa Road stems southeast from the signalized intersection as Falls Road continues southward parallel to Interstate 83 into the city of Baltimore. A short connector ramp provides a second entry point to the JFX from MD 25 south of Joppa Road for nearby residents and businesses. 10/10/04
MD 137 (Mount Carmel Road) eastbound enters the diamond interchange (Exit 27) with Interstate 83 near Hereford and Gunpowder Falls State Park. Pictured here is a freeway style guide sign for the southbound on-ramp to Baltimore. 10/13/04
Interstate 83 southbound shield assembly posted at the MD 137 (Mount Carmel Road) eastbound entrance ramp to the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway southbound. I-83 merges with Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) 13 miles to the south at Lutherville. 10/13/04
MD 137 (Mount Carmel Road) eastbound passes over the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway ahead of the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 83. I-83 crosses the Pennsylvania state line ten miles to the north near New Freedom, Pennsylvania. 10/13/04
The northbound on-ramp to Interstate 83 departs MD 137 just ahead of the Mount Carmel Road intersection with MD 45 (York Road). MD 137 comprises an 8.50 mile route between York Road (old U.S. 111) and the settlement of Armacost at the intersection of Mount Carmel Road and Gunpowder Road west of MD 25 (Falls Road). 10/13/04
An Interstate 83 trailblazer lies opposite the Exit 33 ramp end at MD 45 (York Road) and Stablers Church Road west to Walker and Rayville. 06/21/12
MD 439 (Old York Road) westbound within the half-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 83 (Exit 36) near the Pennsylvania state line. MD 439 joins the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway with MD 45 (York Road) just south of Maryland Line. 10/13/04
Interstate 83 guide sign directing motorists onto the southbound on-ramp to Towson and Baltimore. MD 439 (Old York Road) ends ahead at MD 45 (old U.S. 111) 1.25 miles south of the Pennsylvania state line. MD 439 follows 7.19 miles of Old York Road between MD 45 (York Road) and MD 23 (Norrisville Road). 10/13/04
Northern Parkway
2 photos
2 photos
The Northern Parkway arcs across the northern reaches of Baltimore city between MD 26 (Liberty Heights Avenue) and U.S. 1 (Belair Road). The four to six lane arterial meets Interstate 83 (Jones Falls Expressway) at the Coldspring neighborhood of the city. 10/13/04
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
This suite of photos displays old and new guide signs along the parkway eastbound at the parclo interchange (Exit 10) with Interstate 83 in north central Baltimore. Northern Parkway links Interstate 83 with the nearby neighborhoods of Mount Washington, Pimlico, Dixon Hill, Homeland and the Pimlico Race Track. 10/13/04
Lowering from Mount Washington Hills to the interchange with Interstate 83 (Jones Falls Expressway) on Northern Parkway westbound. All traffic to the freeway utilizes a single ramp from this direction of the divided highway. 06/27/10
2 photos
2 photos
The northbound on-ramp to Interstate 83 from Northern Parkway features the unusual design in that it splits into two components. A directional ramp loops over the Jones Falls Expressway onto Interstate 83 southbound for Northern Parkway westbound motorists. Northern Parkway eastbound motorists merge with westbound motorists for the northbound on-ramp otherwise. Note the control point of Beltway for the Interstate 83 merge with Interstate 695 at Exit 13. 10/13/04, 06/27/10

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