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Indiana 641 is a newer state road, created as a freeway bypass of the south side of Terre Haute to connect Interstate 70 with U.S. 41/U.S. 150. The projected 6.2-mile highway will help aid motorists who travel from Indianapolis to Evansville via the I-70/U.S. 41 route by bypassing the heavily commercialized section of U.S. 41/U.S. 150 south of its Interstate 70 interchange. If the new Interstate 69 were to be built along the I-70/U.S. 41 route it would have followed this freeway, but even with the I-69 corridor being moved elsewhere INDOT agreed on building the bypass anyway.

The new freeway begins at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 41/U.S. 150 and heads northeast to a folded diamond interchange with McDaniel Road. Northeast from there, it will intersect with Indiana 46 at a new diamond interchange along Riley Road before turning north toward Interstate 70. The interchange with Interstate 70 and Indiana 641 should have movements from the east and the south free-flowing. The project started in 2008 and is scheduled for final completion in 2014. The section from U.S. 41/U.S. 150 to McDaniel Road was completed in 2010. This guide covers that section.

U.S. 41 north & 150 west
Northbound on U.S. 41/U.S. 150, a guide sign appears for Indiana 641 with the control point of McDaniel Road. More than likely in the future this sign will read Indianapolis since the point of the highway is to provide a link to Indy for northbound U.S. 41 travelers. Currently, the sign indicates that the highway is only for local traffic. Photo taken 11/06/10.
Indiana 641 exits off of northbound U.S. 41/U.S. 150 via a trumpet interchange. The intersection of U.S. 41/U.S. 150 with Eaton Drive had to be removed for this interchange and a connector via Jessica Drive was built to connect both sides of the highway. Photo taken 11/06/10.
Indiana State Road 641 north
Northbound on Indiana 641, the first (and only) reassurance shield appears. Photo taken 12/03/11.
A yellow warning sign alerts motorists that Indiana 641 is coming to an end. As of late 2011, the freeway serves only as a link between U.S. 41/U.S. 150 and McDaniel Road. Photo taken 12/03/11.
McDaniel Road is now one mile away and thus the end of Indiana 641. Photo taken 12/03/11.
One half mile from the McDaniel Road interchange. McDaniel Road was widened to four lanes from Indiana 641 north to Springhill Drive where it becomes Canal Road. Canal Road turns northwest into Terre Haute and becomes 13th Street, all while maintaining four lanes of traffic. So, even if Indiana 641 isn't complete, the McDaniel Road/Canal Road combination provides for a bypass of U.S. 41/U.S. 150 if you know what roads to take. Photo taken 12/03/11.
All Indiana 641 is directed off at McDaniel Road, for now. Photo taken 12/03/11.
Indiana State Road 641 south
Just off the southbound entrance ramp from McDaniel Road, Indiana 641 begins its brief trek toward U.S. 41/U.S. 150. The first (and only) reassurance shield for Indiana 641 is visible in the distance. Photo taken 11/06/10.
The first guide sign for the southernmost interchange on Indiana 641 appears for U.S. 41/U.S. 150. Indiana 641 was built more of a bypass for the Indianapolis to Evansville crowd who use Interstate 70 and U.S. 41. Photo taken 11/06/10.
A sign bridge directs traffic to either U.S. 41/U.S. 150 north to Terre Haute or south to Evansville. U.S. 41 is a 280 mile highway that crosses Indiana from Hammond through Terre Haute and southward toward Vincennes to Evansville. U.S. 150 travels for 176 miles from the Illinois border west of Terre Haute down to Vincennes and east to Shoals before angling southeast to Louisville. Photo taken 11/06/10.
Indiana 641 comes to an end at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 41/U.S. 150. U.S. 41 is a 2,000 mile highway from Cooper Harbor, Michigan to Miami, Florida. U.S. 150 goes for 571 miles from Moline, Illinois to Mount Vernon, Kentucky. Here, U.S. 41 remains a four-lane expressway south to Sullivan, Vincennes, Princeton, and Evansville. Photo taken 11/06/10.

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