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Maryland 22 travels east from Bel Air to Aberdeen and an entrance to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The Aberdeen Throughway portion is a controlled access route with at-grade intersections.

Maryland 22 west
Maryland 22 (Aberdeen Throughway) continues north from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to a signalized intersection with Mt. Royal Avenue in Aberdeen. Mt. Royal Avenue connects the state route with Maryland 132 (Bel Air Avenue). Photo taken 06/30/10.
Westbound mileage sign posted along Maryland 22 in Aberdeen two miles east of the six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 85) and 12 miles out from the county seat of Bel Air. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 462 (Paradise Road) crosses paths with Maryland 22 (Aberdeen Throughway) north of Aberdeen High School and south of Burns Corner in north Aberdeen. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Traveling 4.15 miles, Maryland 462 links Maryland 132 in Aberdeen with Maryland 155 near Webster. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 22 maintains four overall lanes but becomes commercialized west of Maryland 462 (Paradise Road) to Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/30/10.

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