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Maryland Route 32 West
The first exit along westbound Maryland 32 beyond I-97 connects with Maryland 3 south to Gambrills and Bowie. At Bowie, Maryland 3 meets U.S. 50 and U.S. 301; U.S. 301 continues southwest from Bowie en route to La Plata in Charles County and the state of Virginia. Meanwhile, Maryland 32 continues northwest as a freeway, with destination cities of Odenton (Maryland 677/170) and Columbia (U.S. 29). Photo taken 06/07/04.
The next exit along westbound is with Burns Crossing Road north to Ridgeway, southwest to Maryland 677 and Odenton, and southeast to Gambrills. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Westbound reassurance shield posted as Maryland 32 leaves the confluence of Interstate 97 and Maryland 3 (Robert Crain Highway) at Millersvile. The next sign indicates that the following three exits serve the community of Odenton. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Westbound Maryland 32 passes under an over crossing for Gambrills Road; the one half mile advance warning guide sign for Burns Crossing Road (Exit 3) is mounted on the bridge. Gambrills Road intersects Burns Crossing Road just south of the freeway near the center of the town of Gambrills. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Westbound Maryland 32 at Exit 3, Burns Crossing Road to Maryland 677/Odenton. Unlike most east-west highways, mileposts and exit numbers increase from southeast to northwest. This may be due to the fact that Maryland 32 turns north-south after it passes U.S. 29 and Interstate 70 near Columbia. Photo taken 10/13/04.
One mile ahead of Maryland 170 (Telegraph Road), which heads south to Odenton and north to Severn. Photo taken 10/13/04.
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Maryland 170/Telegraph Road is a major north-south arterial that heads southeast into Odenton (to reach its southern terminus at Maryland 175) and north to Severn and Baltimore-Washington International Airport, culminating in Baltimore. Despite the number, Maryland 170 has no relation to Interstate 70. Instead, Maryland 170 is part of a cluster of routes in the 170-series in this area. Other nearby routes include Maryland 174/Reece Road and Donaldson Avenue, Maryland 175/Annapolis Road, and Maryland 178/Generals Highway. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 10/04/09.
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Exit 5 leaves Maryland 32 for Maryland 170 (Telegraph Road) The diamond interchange serves interests to the Maryland Farmers Market at Piney Orchard and the Odenton MARC commuter rail station. Note the addition of exit tabs to the freeway guide signs. Photo taken 10/13/04. Second photo taken 10/04/09.
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Continuing west, Maryland 32 meets Maryland 175 (Annapolis Road) in 1.5 miles. In addition to heading southeast into Odenton, Maryland 175 also provides direct access into Fort Meade. All signs for Maryland 175 are now signed with Exit 6 tabs. Photo taken 06/07/04. Second photo taken 10/04/09.
As Maryland 32 skirts the northeastern edge of Odenton, Maryland 175/Annapolis Road passes directly through the community, connecting to Maryland 170/Telegraph Road in downtown Odenton. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Westbound Maryland 32 at Exit 6 for Maryland 175 (Annapolis Road) southeast into Odenton and northwest into Fort Meade. Maryland 32 leaves the vicinity of Odenton and advances as a freeway northwest toward Baltimore-Washington Parkway and I-95 before reaching U.S. 29 and the city of Columbia. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Maryland 32 westbound straddles the boundary of Fort George G. Meade and Patuxent National Wildlife Research Refuge west of Odenton. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Westbound mileage sign for Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Exits 10A/B), Interstate 95 (Exits 13A/B) and Columbia (U.S. 29 - Exits 16A/B). Photo taken 10/04/09.
The succeeding exit ramp along Maryland 32 west is with Maryland 198 southwest to Fort Meade and Laurel. Maryland 32 enters Fort George G. Meade and remains within it until passing the Baltimore-Washington Parkway interchange (Exit 10). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 through traffic maintains four overall lanes through Fort George G. Meade. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Maryland 198/Laurel-Fort Meade Road reaches its eastern terminus here at Maryland 32 Exit 8. From here, it heads west to a full interchange with the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295) into Laurel. Continuing west of Laurel, Maryland 198 follows Gorman Avenue to Interstate 95, and then continues along Sandy Spring Road into Montgomery County (as Spencerville Road). Maryland 198 reaches its western terminus at Browns Corner at the intersection with Maryland 650/New Hampshire Avenue. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Prior to reaching the exit for Maryland 198, the Maryland 32 freeway used to transition into a signalized divided highway, with cross-traffic and intersections. Upgrading of the highway into a freeway was completed by October of 2004. Forthcoming Exit 9 should be used for all National Security Agency (NSA) and Fort Meade deliveries. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Westbound Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) at the Exit 8 diamond interchange with Maryland 198 (Laurel Fort Meade Road) west and Mapes Road north. Roundabouts lie at the end of both ramps between the freeway and the state route. Photo taken 10/04/09.
The next exit along westbound is Exit 10, an exit dedicated for employees of the federal government's NSA complex. The complex is of such size that an exit is required here as well as along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 westbound at the NSA (National Security Agency) employee off-ramp at Fort Meade. Access to the NSA facility is provided for both directions to and from Maryland 32 onto Canine Road north ahead of Samford Road east. Photo taken 10/04/09.
This mileage sign is located in front of an overpass that carries a left exit from eastbound Maryland 32 to the NSA complex. Not identified on this mileage sign, the succeeding exit is a trumpet interchange (Exit 10A). The following exit is with Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Exit 10A provides access to Canine Road east to Colony Seven Road and the National Security Agency. Photo taken 10/04/09.
One half mile south of the full cloverleaf interchange with Baltimore-Washington Parkway at the final Fort Meade off-ramp. For the most part, Exit 10A serves only authorized vehicles as Canine Road sees a security gate after its intersection with Colony Seven Road. Photo taken 10/13/04.
Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) parallels Colony Seven Road briefly before reaching the Exit 10A off-ramp to Baltimore-Parkway north. Baltimore-Parkway is a National Park Service Maintained facility from Maryland 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) northward to Maryland 175, the next northbound exit. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 295 begins north of the Maryland 175 full cloverleaf interchange north of Fort Meade, carrying Baltimore-Washington Parkway north to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) and the city of Baltimore. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 10B loops onto the National Park Service maintained section of Baltimore-Washington Parkway south to Laurel, Greenbelt, and Cheverly. Connections with Maryland 201 (Kenilworth Avenue) lead motorists southward to Washington via District of Columbia 295. Photo taken 10/04/09.
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Guilford Road continues National Business Parkway northwest along side Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) to Old Columbia Road near Exit 16. The next exit connects Maryland 32 west with the parallel road. Photo taken 10/04/09. Second photo taken 08/04/13.
Westbound Maryland 32 at the Guilford Road off-ramp (numbered Exit 10D by 2011). National Business Parkway spurs northeast from Guilford Road through a series of business parks. Guilford Road, the former alignment of MD-32, continues west otherwise to Dorsey Run Road. Photo taken 08/04/13.
A parclo interchange (Exit 11) joins Maryland 32 next with Dorsey Run Road just north of Corridor Road and a MARC station. Photo taken 08/04/13.
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Dorsey Run Road begins at Brock Bridge Road and the MARC commuter station nearby and heads north to Jessup and Maryland 175 (Waterloo Road). Photos taken 08/04/13.
Now in Howard County, next in line for westbound drivers is the full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 12B/A) with U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard). Photo taken 08/04/13.
U.S. 1 travels midway between the Interstate 95 and Baltimore-Washington Parkway corridors through Laurel, Savage, Jessup and Elkridge. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Collector distributor roadways facilitate the movements to U.S. 1 (Exits 12A/B). These roadways come into view beyond this westbound reassurance shield for Maryland 32. Photo taken 08/04/13.
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Westbound at the Exit 12 c/d roadway for U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard). U.S. 1 serves a variety of commercial businesses, warehouses, and industrial parks between Laurel and Elkridge. Photo taken 06/22/05. Second photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 12A departs Maryland 32 west for U.S. 1 north to Jessup. U.S. 1 mainly serves local traffic movements between the two freeway corridors. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Leading south, U.S. 1 continues along Washington Boulevard to adjacent Savage and Downtown Laurel (Maryland 198). Photo taken 08/04/13.
A directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 13A/B) joins Interstate 95 with Maryland 32 amid a leafy area fronted by the Little Patuxent River and the Guilford community. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Maryland 32 curves northward away from Savage toward Guilford. Guilford Road, former MD-32, remains parallel to the east. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Vollmerhausen Road spans Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) one quarter mile ahead of Exit 13A onto Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Interstate 95 travels nearly 110 miles across Maryland, leading northeast from D.C. to Delaware, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Downtown Baltimore is just 15 miles from Exit 13A via I-95. Photo taken 08/04/13.
A left side off-ramp (Exit 13B) follows for Interstate 95 southbound travelers bound for College Park, Silver Springs, and Washington, DC. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Exit 13A joins the left side of Interstate 95 south ahead of the exchange with Maryland 216 near Laurel. I-95 merges with the Capital Beltway in 11 miles. Photo taken 08/04/13.
Mileage overhead listing the next three interchanges of Maryland 32 west after Interstate 95. Exit 14 serves Broken Land Parkway to Owen Brown and Guilford, Exit 15 serves Shaker Drive and King's Contrivance, and Exit 16 joins Maryland 32 with the U.S. 29 freeway at Atholton. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Guilford Road passes underneath Maryland 32 one half mile east of the six-ramp parclo interchange with Broken Land Parkway (Exit 14). Broken Land Parkway constitutes a surface arterial from Maryland 32 northwest to Owen Brown and Columbia. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Exit 14 departs Maryland 32 westbound for Broken Land Parkway. Broken Land Parkway ends at Guilford Road just south of the interchange near Gorman Park. Northward the parkway intersects Snowden River Parkway, a north-south surface arterial between Owen Brown and Maryland 100 at Long Reach. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Attached to the Broken Land Parkway overpass is an interchange sequence sign for Maryland 32 westbound. This sign was amended by 2009 to replace Pindell School Road with Sanner Road. A parclo interchange (Exit 15) joins the freeway with Shaker Drive and Eden Brook Drive in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Eden Brook Drive stems north from Kings Contrivance to Guilford Road, Old Columbia Road, and Maryland 32. The north-south road changes to Shaker Drive as it crosses over Maryland 32 en route to Atholton. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Exit 15 departs Maryland 32 westbound for Shaker Drive west and Eden Brook Drive south. Shaker Drive parallels Maryland 32 west to the U.S. 29 where it turns north as a freeway frontage road. U.S. 29 (Columbia Pike) and Maryland 32 meet at a full cloverleaf interchange one half mile to the west at Exits 16A/B. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Traffic merging onto Maryland 32 west from Exit 15 forms the exit-only lane for U.S. 29 north (Exit 16A). Exit 16A serves interests north for the Columbia Town Center, Ellicott City, and Interstate 70 west of Baltimore. U.S. 29 comprises a full freeway from Maryland 32 northward to its terminus at Maryland 99 (Old Frederick Road). The freeway upgraded from a six-lane surface boulevard during the 1980s and 1990s. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Exit 16A leaves Maryland 32 west for U.S. 29 north. U.S. 29 ends in nine miles at Mt. Hebron. Overall the highway follows as 1,036 mile route between Maryland and Pensacola, Florida. Photo taken 08/27/05.
U.S. 29 continues along a freeway south to the Montgomery County line. South of the Patuxent River, the highway transitions into a busy arterial. Construction associated with the Inner County Connector (ICC) / Maryland 200 will upgrade a portion of the route into additional freeway. Photo taken 10/04/09.
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A diamond interchange joins Maryland 32 with Sanner Road south and Cedar Lane north after the crossing of the Little Patuxent River. Sanner Road leads south to the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Hopkins Road. Cedar Lane ventures north to Columbia and Little Patuxent Parkway. Photo taken 08/27/05. Second photo taken 10/04/09.
Several subdivisions encourage upon the Maryland 32 right of way along the approach to Exit 19 with Great Star Drive. Great Star Drive provides access to the area neighborhoods southward to Guilford Road and northwest to Maryland 108 (Clarksville Pike). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 19 consists of a half diamond interchange with Great Star Drive. Therefore there is no return access. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Maryland 108 (Clarksville Pike) crosses paths with Maryland 32 at the Exit 20 diamond interchange one mile west of Great Star Drive. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 108 meanders east-west across Montgomery and Howard Counties along a 34.23-mile route between Damascus to Maryland 175 near Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 20 departs Maryland 32 west for Maryland 108 at Clarksville. Much of the area nearby has succumbed to suburban sprawl in the form of auto dealerships, shopping plazas, and business parks. Maryland 108 (Clarksville Pike) otherwise leads south to Highland, Sandy Spring, and Olney and north to Chapel Woods and Ellioak in the Columbia vicinity. Photo taken 08/27/05.
The westbound on-ramp from Maryland 108 merges onto Maryland 32 at the beginning of the two-lane portion. Maryland 32 continues northward to Sykesville and a terminus at Maryland 140 north of Westminster. Photo taken 10/04/09.
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Maryland 32 transitions from a four-lane freeway into a two-lane rural roadway leading northward from Clarksville to Dayton and Glenelg. Photos taken 08/27/05.
The first at-grade intersection of Maryland 32 west occurs at Linden Church Road east. Linden Church Road exists in two portions. Eastward, the road spurs into a rural area; westward the road connects Maryland 32 with Ten Oaks Road south of the Dayton community. Photo taken 08/27/05.

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