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Maryland Route 43 is a 8.64 mile long controlled arterial looping north from MD 150 near Martin State Airport (MTN) to I-95 at White Marsh and I-695 at Carney. Prior to 2005, MD 43 spurred east from I-95 and MD 7 to a temporary end at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Construction extended the route initially to Baltimore Crossroads @95 industrial park. The route south to MD 150 (Eastern Boulevard) was completed in October 2006.

Maryland Route 43 South
A full cloverleaf interchange joins Maryland 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) with Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) near White Marsh. Maryland 43 southbound upgrades from a controlled-access arterial into a full freeway. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Until October 23, 2006,1 Maryland 43 ended at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). An extension of White Marsh Boulevard opened at that time southward to Maryland 150 (Eastern Avenue). Photo taken 08/27/05.
A folded diamond interchange follows Interstate 95 with Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road). This exit was added in the early 2000s. The missing sign to the left originally displayed "Lane Ends 1000 Feet" from when Maryland 43 ended at U.S. 40. Photo taken 06/30/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Maryland 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) southbound at the loop ramp to Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road). Maryland 7 shadows U.S. 40 to the north and connects Maryland 43 with Nottingham and White Marsh nearby. An industrial park and nottingham Square Shopping Center lie just south of the freeway. Photo taken 08/27/05. Second photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 43 spans a CSX Railroad line ahead of the one-quarter cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Photo taken 12/28/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Originally a loop ramp carried traffic to U.S. 40 from the south end of Maryland 43. Now a signalized intersection joins the access road between the two highways. Photo taken 12/28/07. Second photo taken 08/27/05.
Southbound Maryland 43 at the terminus of the route until the 2006-extension opened. The freeway of Maryland 43 was constructed in 19631 as part of a longer freeway meant to link Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) and the expressway extending east from the Winlass Freeway to Chase. Only the section between Interstates 95 and U.S. 40 was built to limited access standards. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 leads southwest to Rossville and Baltimore and northeast to White Marsh and Joppatowne. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Continuing south from U.S. 40, White Marsh Boulevard downgrades to a controlled access arterial to Middle River Neck. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) lowers from the crossing over Bird River Road. There is no direct access between the two roads. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 43 leaves the intersection stub of Campbell Boulevard and spans Windlass Run. Photo taken 12/28/07.
A reassurance marker follows the White Marsh Boulevard intersection with the first intersection of Crossroads Circle. Several office complexes lie east of Maryland 43 along this stretch. Photo taken 12/28/07.
A second segment of Crossroads Circle intersects Maryland 43 on a southwesterly turn. Photo taken 12/28/07.
eyond Crossroads Circle, Maryland 43 approaches a few more industrial businesses before spanning an AMTRAK line. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 43 remains well signed as shield follows the southbound intersection with Pocomoke Court. Photo taken 12/28/07.
One half mile north of the Maryland 43 southern terminus at Maryland 150 (Eastern Avenue). Photo taken 12/28/07.
Passing over the aforementioned railroad line, Maryland 43 lowers to a signalized intersection with Maryland 150. Maryland 150 travels east a short distance to Chase and west to Middle River and Essex. Photo taken 12/28/07.
An expressway ends / traffic signal ahead sign advises motorists of the White Marsh Boulevard conclusion. The road is an expressway by the definition that it is controlled access, but speed limits are set at 45 mph. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 43 angles to Maryland 150 adjacent to the Middle River Federal Depot. Martin State Airport lies to the southwest, but public access to the facility requires a drive west on Maryland 150 to Maryland 587 (Wilson Point Road) south. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 150 travels 13.07 miles overall, 3.7 miles east to Grace's Quarters Road and 9.4 mile west to U.S. 40 in Baltimore. Photo taken 12/28/07.

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08/27/05, 12/28/07, 06/30/10 by AARoads

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