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Maryland Route 144 West
Maryland 144 (unsigned) turns from Lombard Street onto Frederick Avenue at the intersection with Payson Street. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Frederick Avenue flows west from Lombard and Payson Streets to next intersect Pulaski Street. Pulaski Street travels north to the MARC West Baltimore lot at U.S. 40 (Franklin / Mulberry Streets) and south to U.S. 1 (Wilkens Avenue). Photo taken 07/02/10.
Frederick Avenue combines with Pratt Street and carries two-way traffic west to West Side Shopping Center at Warwick Avenue north to U.S. 40 and Rosemont. Photo taken 07/02/10.
A second entrance to West Side Shopping Center ties into the traffic light with Catherine Street north on Maryland 144 (Frederick Avenue) west. Photo taken 07/02/10.
The first shield of Maryland 144 west is not posted until Frederick Avenue meets Franklintown Road. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 144 crosses Gwynns Falls and emerges from a slice of Gwynns Falls Park to intersect Font Hill Avenue. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Caton Avenue travels north from U.S. 1 and U.S. 1 Alternate to end at Maryland 144 (Frederick Avenue) in the Carroll neighborhood. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 144 shield posted at Caton Avenue, ahead of a bridge over AMTRAK. Caton Avenue doubles as U.S. 1 Alternate south from U.S. 1 (Wilkens Avenue) to Exit 50 of Interstate 95. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Hilton Street stems northwest from Caton Avenue and intersects Maryland 144 (Frederick Avenue) west of the AMTRAK railroad bridges. Hilton Street becomes Hilton Parkway (U.S. 40 Truck) at Gwynns Falls Park to North Avenue at Walbrook. Photo taken 07/02/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Maryland 144 travels along side Loudon Park Cemetery ahead of the Irvington community. A westbound shield lies ahead of the split intersection with Loudon Avenue north and south. Photos taken 07/02/10.
Augusta Avenue flows north from Potter Street to intersect Maryland 144 at this traffic light in Irvington. Augusta Avenue continues to Old Frederick Road. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Athol Avenue links Maryland 144 (Frederick Avenue) and U.S. 40 (Edmondson Avenue) at Rognel Heights. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Beechfield Avenue meanders south from Frederick Avenue between the Beechfield and Yale Heights neighborhoods to Maryland 372 (Wilkens Avenue) and U.S. 1 (Southwestern Boulevard) outside the city. Photo taken 07/02/10.
2 photos
2 photos
North Bend Road arcs northwest from Maryland 144 at North Bend to Westowne in Baltimore County. Photos taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 144 enters Baltimore County at the southwestern corner of the Baltimore City line. A westbound shield and begin state maintenance assembly follow the intersection with Overbrook Road. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Paradise Avenue spurs southeast from Maryland 144 (Frederick Road) to the Paradise neighborhood and Maiden Choice Lane south to Maryland 372 (Wilkens Avenue). Photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 144 (Frederick Road) meets Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway) at a diamond interchange. Interstate 695 leads north to Pikesville and Towson from Catonsville from Frederick Road. Photo taken 07/02/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Westbound drivers pass over Interstate 695 and approach the left turn onto the Beltway south to Arbutus and Glen Burnie (via Interstate 97). A loop ramp formerly provided access onto Interstate 695 north from Maryland 144 east. This ramp was removed and replaced with a left turn onto the northbound on-ramp from Frederick Road west. Photo taken 12/28/07. Second photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 144 (Frederick Road) leaves Interstate 695 and approaches the business district of Catonsville at Delrey Avenue. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Ingleside Avenue south and Bloomsbury Avenue north come together in downtown Catonsville. Ingleside Avenue provides a through route to Catonsville Manor and Maryland 122 at Interstate 70's east end. Bloomsbury Avenue leads south to Maryland 166 (Rolling Road) at Catonsville High School. Photo taken 12/28/07.

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12/28/07, 07/02/10 by AARoads

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