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Maryland Route 150 West
MD 150 leaves the intersection with MD 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) and travels alongside Glenn L. Martin State Airport ahead of Middle River. Photo taken 12/28/07.
MD 587 begins and spurs southward 1.14 miles from MD 150 (Eastern Avenue) to serve Martin State Airport. Photo taken 12/28/07.
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2 photos
MD 587 ends at the Wilson Point Road intersection with Dogwood Drive at Stansbury Estates. Wilson Point Road continues to end at Wilson Point on the Middle River. Use the state route south for the Maryland State Police Aviation Division and the Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum. Photos taken 12/28/07.
A protected-left turn joins MD 150 with Chesapeake Park Drive for Chesapeake Industrial Park west of the airport. Photo taken 12/28/07.
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange with MD 700 (Martin Boulevard) follows on MD 150 (Eastern Avenue) west. Photo taken 12/28/07.
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2 photos
MD 700 provides a direct connection to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway), east of Rossville. The state route totals 1.97 miles between MD 150 and Pulaski Highway. Photos taken 12/28/07.
Entering Middle River, MD 150 (Eastern Avenue) approaches Hawthorne Plaza shopping center and Kingston Road. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Nearing the confluence with Stemmers Run Road and MD 702 (Southeast Boulevard) to Interstate 695 on MD 150 (Eastern Boulevard) west. Photo taken 08/27/05.
temmers Run Road parallels MD 702 (Southeast Freeway) northwest to Middlesex and Stemmers Run. Southward, the road becomes Back River Road to Middleborough and the south end of Southeast Boulevard (MD 702). Photo taken 08/27/05.
A half-cloverleaf interchange joins the freeway portion of MD 702 leading northwest to Interstate 695 (Baltimore Beltway). MD 702 downgrades to a controlled-access arterial from MD 150 south to Back River Road. There is no direct access to the state route south from Eastern Boulevard west. Photo taken 08/27/05.

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08/27/05, 12/28/07 by AARoads

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