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Following Burrsville Road in rural Caroline County, Maryland Route 317 travels west from the Delaware state line to MD 313 (Greensboro Road) opposite Adams Landing Road. The 4.78 mile long state route joins Denton with Burrsville and Delaware Route 14 east to Harrington.

Maryland Route 317 East
Knifebox Road angles southeast across agricultural areas from MD 313 to intersect MD 317 (Burrsville Road) just ahead of the Delaware line. Knifebox Road connects Burrsville with the town of Greensboro. Photo taken 01/15/17.
MD 317 transitions to SR 14 east toward Harrington beyond Knifebox Road. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Maryland Route 317 West
SR 14 (Vernon Road) transitions to MD 317 (Burrsville Road) across the state line at Burrsville. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Leaving Burrsville, MD 317 advances 4.5 miles west to MD 313 outside Denton. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Ruritan Road converges with MD 317 (Burrsville Road) west from Knifebox Road beyond the state welcome sign. Photo taken 01/15/17.

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01/15/17 by AARoads

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