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MD 348 (Laurel Road) is a rural major collector linking MD 313 and the town of Sharptown with Delaware Route 24 (Sharptown Road) east to Laurel. The 1.39 mile route plies across open farmland in Wicomico County.

Maryland Route 348 West
MD 348 is unmarked along Laurel Road westbound. This scene looks northward after San Domingo Road. 01/15/17
Forthcoming MD 313 (Sharptown Road) travels south from MD 348 (Laurel Road) to U.S. 50 at Mardela Springs and north across the Nanticoke River to Eldorado. Connections with MD 14 and MD 392 lead west to Hurlock. 01/15/17
MD 348 (Laurel Road) connects with MD 313 (Sharptown Road) across from Main Street. MD 313 encircles Sharptown along a two lane, controlled access bypass. 01/15/17
The Sharptown bypass was completed by 1992. Prior to that point, MD 348 extended northward along Main Street to MD 313 along State Street. 01/15/17

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Connect with:
State Route 24
Route 313

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