I-82 Business

Interstate Business Route 82

Two business routes previously connected with Interstate 82 in Washington state.



Former Business Route

Partially a locally maintained route, the business route for I-82 through Yakima followed 1st Street (old U.S. 97) south from the interchange complex (Exit 31 B) joining Interstate 82 with the freeway along U.S. 12 toward the Yakima city center. The route circumvented downtown as a truck route using the couplet of Lincoln Avenue (west) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (east) to N 8th Street. 8th Street led the route south to Yakima Avenue for the return to Interstate 82 at Exit 33.

Some signs were still posted along the route in May 1999. A lone overhead remains as of 2023.


Former Business Route

Business Loop I-82 traveled 6.5 miles east through Sunnyside from Exit 63 near the community of Outlook. Sunnyside Road connected the business loop west end with Yakima Valley Highway (old U.S. 12) leading east into the city. The eastern section of the former route constitutes a commercial boulevard from Mid Valley Mall southeast to Washington State Route 241 (Waneta Road), which returned the loop to I-82 at Exit 69.

One or more Business Loop I-82 shields were still posted along old U.S. 12 in the Sunnyside area as of Summer 1997. A lone marker remained through at least 2012.

Page updated August 26, 2016.

Business Loop I-82 west at N 8th Street in Yakima, WA

Long since removed, this Business Loop I-82 directed motorists onto N 8th Street from Yakima Avenue west. Photo by Mark Bozanich (2000).

Business Loop I-82 east at Sunnyside, Washington

A remaining shield for Business Loop I-82 east along Yakima Valley Highway as it entered the city of Sunnyside. Photo by Mark Bozanich (2000).