Unsigned Interstates

These routes are officially part of the Eisenhower Interstate System, yet are official essentially only on paper or internal documentation as no shields or other signage of their existence is posted. The routes otherwise adhere to Interstate standards and receive funding similarly to other fully posted routes.

Unsigned Interstates are generally not posted in an effort to not confuse or overburden motorists with an additional number on an already signed route. This is the case with not signing Interstate 595 in Maryland due to well established status of U.S. 50 along the same stretch of freeway. Interstates 124 and 296 were previously posted, but later transitioned into unsigned routes due to overlaps with much longer U.S. Highways.

Interstate South/West End North/East End
305 CA West Sacramento Sacramento
110 TX Bridge of the Americas El Paso
910 LA Marrero New Orleans
315 MT Great Falls downtown Great Falls
124 TN Chattanooga Chattanooga
444 OK downtown Tulsa downtown Tulsa
345 TX downtown Dallas downtown Dallas
478 NY Brooklyn, NY Manhattan, NY
878 NY Queens / John F. Kennedy International Airport Queens
194 ND in Mandan Mandan
495 ME Portland Falmouth
595 MD New Carrollton, MD Annapolis
296 MI Grand Rapids Grand Rapids
A-1 Anchorage Canadian Border – Yukon Territory
A-2 Tok Fairbanks
A-3 Soldotna Anchorage
A-4 Gateway Fairbanks
PR-1 Ponce San Juan
PR-2 Ponce San Juan
PR-3 Ceiba San Juan
IH 345 at IH 30 - Dallas, TX
IH 345, just north of the multi level interchange with IH 30 and IH 45 in Downtown Dallas. 10/01/07

Interstate 345 is signed as “TO U.S. 75 North” for northbound and “To IH 45 South” for southbound.

US 1 north at Falmouth Spur
U.S. 1 north at the east end of the Falmouth Spur (Maine Turnpike), when it was still a part of the I-95 mainline. Photo by Jeff Royston (01/11/03).

Interstate 495 was moved from the Maine Turnpike mainline to the Falmouth Spur in 2004. Since the Spur is so short, MaineDOT opted to establish it as an unsigned route. Signs instead direct motorists west to I-95 or east to I-295.