Interstate 335 Oklahoma

Interstate 335 Oklahoma


Interstate 335 is the planned designation for the Kickapoo Turnpike in the Oklahoma City area. The toll road connects IH 40/U.S. 270-SH 3 in southeastern Oklahoma City with IH 44 (Turner Turnpike) in the town of Luther.

The Kickapoo Turnpike utilizes all electronic toll collection (AET). Four interchanges along the 18.50 mile long route serve rural areas of eastern Oklahoma City, and the growing suburban cities of Choctaw and Harrah.

The toll road commences north from a two lane access road originating at the intersection of SE 89th Street and McDonald Road. Referencing long term plans to extend the turnpike southward, exit numbers increase from 130 at the exchange with IH 40.

The proposed Oklahoma City Outer Loop is part of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) 15 year, $5 billion program Access Oklahoma program launched in February 2022. The East-West Connector section of the OKC Outer Loop extends 28 miles southwest from IH 40 at the Kickapoo Turnpike to IH 44 at the Tri-City area of Newcastle, Blanchard and Tuttle. Cost projections as of March 25, 2022 were $1.5 billion for the East-West Connector.

The South Extension Turnpike branches south from the OKC Outer Loop 19 miles to IH 35, just east of SH 74 near Purcell. The toll is projected to travel west of Lake Thunderbird from near Franklin in the city of Norman to SH 9. Ideally Interstate 335 will follow the eastern section of the OKC Outer Loop and the South Extension Turnpike.

Route Information

  • North End – Luther, OK

  • South End – southeast Oklahoma City, OK

  • Mileage – 18.71

  • Cities – Oklahoma City, Choctaw, Harrah

  • Junctions – I-40 I-44


Costing $453 million to build, the Kickapoo Turnpike opened initially on October 13, 2020 for 11 miles between U.S. 62 (NE 23rd Street) and IH 44 (Turner Turnpike). The southern 7.89 miles to IH 40 opened to traffic in January 5, 2021.1 The Kickapoo Turnpike switched to cashless tolling on January 25, 2022.2

The proposed Interstate Designations approved by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission in September 2022

Designating Interstate 335 along the Kickapoo Turnpike was approved by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission during the September 11, 2023 meeting. Agenda Item Number 131, State Highway System Numbering Revision defined IH 335 as follows:

Addition of the I-335 Designation to the State Highway System, a 18.71 mile stretch of roadway, known as the Kickapoo Turnpike, beginning at the intersection of Kickapoo Turnpike and I-44\Turner Turnpike and going south to the intersection of the Kickapoo Turnpike and I-40.

The revision requires approval from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal Highway Administration. AASHTO subsequently approved the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) application for the establishment of I-335 at the Fall 2023 meeting.

North End I-44 Turner Turnpike – Luther, Oklahoma

The north end of the Kickapoo Turnpike ties into the Turner Turnpike at Luther, Oklahoma

The Kickapoo Turnpike concludes north at a trumpet interchange (Exit 149) with Interstate 44 (Turner Turnpike) in a rural area of Luther. 05/09/22

South End I-40 US 270 Oklahoma Highway 3 – Newalla, Oklahoma

Kickapoo Turnpike north at I-40 US 270 SH 3

The northbound beginning of the Kickapoo Tpk from SE 89th St in Oklahoma City

The Kickapoo Turnpike commences north along a two lane access road from the intersection of McDonald Road and SE 89th Street. The toll road northbound passes through the adjacent multilevel interchange without access to Interstate 40. 05/09/22

I-40 US 270 SH 3 East at Kickapoo Turnpike

Two miles ahead of the Kickapoo Tpk on IH 40/US 270 east in Oklahoma City, OK

IH 40/U.S. 270-SH 3 curve east ahead of Triple X Road, two miles from the Kickapoo Turnpike in southeastern Oklahoma City. 05/09/22

IH 40/US 270 east at Peebly Rd, one mile from the Kickapoo Turnpike north

IH 40/U.S. 270-SH 3 advance one mile from the diamond interchange (Exit 169) with Peebly Road to the Kickapoo Turnpike north. 05/09/22

Exit 170 departs IH 40/US 270-SH 3 for Kickapoo Tpk north in Oklahoma City, OK

A high flyover at Exit 170 links IH 40/U.S. 270-SH 3 east with the Kickapoo Turnpike north to Choctaw and Harrah. 05/09/22

I-40 US 270 SH 3 West at Kickapoo Turnpike

IH 40/U.S. 270-SH 3 west at the cloverstack interchange (Exit 170) with the Kickapoo Turnpike south end near Newalla. 10/04/21


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