Interstate 395 Maryland

Interstate 395 Maryland


Downtown Baltimore from Interstate 395 north.

Interstate 395 leading north to Downtown Baltimore. 12/21/22

Interstate 395 constitutes a freeway spur from I-95 into central Baltimore. Partitioned into separate branches, the eastern leg provides direct access to the Inner Harbor district from Conway Street east and Downtown from Howard Street north. The western segment connects with Lee and Russell Streets for M & T Bank Stadium (home of the NFL Baltimore Ravens) and Oriole Park at Camden Yards (home of the MLB Baltimore Orioles). Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard extends from the freeway end at Washington Boulevard as an at-grade bypass of Downtown to U.S. 40 at Seton Hill.

Route Information

  • North End – Baltimore, MD

  • South End – Baltimore, MD

  • Mileage – 1.98

  • Cities – Baltimore

  • JunctionsI-95

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-395 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
I-95 to MLK Bl 103,961
MLK Bl to Camden St 60,381
MLK Bl to MD 295 44,031


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved the designation of Interstate 395 in Baltimore on June 30, 1970. Constructed commenced on the mostly elevated freeway in 1976. It was completed on December 9, 1982.1

North End – Howard St / Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd – Baltimore, Maryland

I-395 North at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

I-395 north ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Baltimore, MD.

Interstate 395 heads north along a viaduct just east of M&T Bank Stadium to the split with the east branch to Howard Street and the west branch to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. 12/21/22

I-395 north at MLK Boulevard (IS 395A) in Baltimore, Maryland.

Interstate 395 (Cal Ripken Way) extends north to the Downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Inventoried by MDOT as IS 395A, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard angles northwest across Russell Street (MD 295). 12/21/22

I-395 north at Russell Street and Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

A two lane flyover connects I-395 north with Lee Street at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard north ahead of Pratt Street. 12/21/22

The north end of I-395 along MLK Boulevard in Baltimore, MD.

I-395 north along the western branch lowers to grade level at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. MLK Boulevard continues 0.75 miles north to U.S. 40 along the former route of I-170. 12/21/22

Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard – South at I-395

MLK Blvd south at I-395 - Baltimore, MD

Southbound Interstate 395 begins from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard beyond Washington Boulevard. A confirming marker stands beyond the exit ramp for Russell Street (MD 295) south. 06/27/10

South End I-95 – Baltimore, Maryland

I-395 South at I-95

I-395 south at MLK Boulevard (IS 395A) in Baltimore, MD.

I-395 (Cal Ripken Way) converges with Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (IS 395A) 0.4 miles ahead of the ramp separation for Interstate 95. 12/21/22

I-395 south at I-95 in Baltimore, MD.

A single lane flyover links I-395 south with Interstate 95 north to the Fort McHenry Tunnel. 12/21/22

I-395 south at the directional T interchange with I-95 near the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.

Two lanes continue onto Interstate 95 south through Morrell Park in southwest Baltimore, BWI Airport, Howard County and Washington, DC. 12/21/22

I-95 South at I-395

I-95 south at I-395 - Baltimore, MD

Emerging from the tolled Fort McHenry Tunnel at Locus Point, Interstate 95 advances west along a viaduct to I-395 north at Exit 53. 08/04/13

I-95 south at I-395 - Baltimore, MD

Flyovers at the directional T interchange with I-395 north pass above waters of the Patapsco River Middle Branch and ramps joining I-95 with MD 295 (Baltimore-Washington Parkway) south to Cherry Hill and BWI Airport. 08/04/13

I-95 south at I-395 - Baltimore, MD

Interstate 95 maintains three lanes southbound through the exchange (Exit 53) with I-395 north to Downtown and MD 295 (B/W Parkway) south to Washington, DC. 08/04/13

I-95 south at I-395 - Baltimore, MD

Flyovers for I-395 converge east of the Gwynns Falls outflow into the Patapso River. The elevated freeway separates with the western branch to MLK Boulevard a quarter mile from there at the Sharp-Leadenhall neighborhood and Stadium Area. 08/04/13

I-95 North at I-395

I-95 north two miles ahead of I-395 in Baltimore, Maryland.

A lengthy distributor roadway accompanies I-95 northbound from Caton Avenue to ramp stubs built for the cancelled east end of Interstate 70. The mainline advances two miles to Exit 53 for I-395 north. 12/21/22

I-95 north one mile ahead of I-395 north to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Interstate 95 continues one mile east from Washington Boulevard and the Saint Paul neighborhood in Baltimore to I-395 north. 12/21/22

I-95 north at Russell St (MD 295) just ahead of I-395 to Downtown Baltimore.

Exit 52 follows for Russell Street (MD 295) north through the Carroll-Camden Industrial Area. The I-95 viaducts proceed east over Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Gwynns Falls to the directional T interchange (Exit 53) with Interstate 395. 12/21/22

I-95 north at I-395 (Cal Ripken Way) northbound in Baltimore.

The tolled Fort McHenry Tunnel lies 2.25 miles east of Interstate 395 (Cal Ripken Way) along I-95 northbound. 12/21/22

Flyover connecting I-95 north with I-395 in Baltimore.

A two lane flyover links I-95 northbound with I-395 to the Inner Harbor, Downtown and the Stadium Area. 12/21/22

I-395South End Throwback

I-395 south at I-95 - 1998

Original button copy overheads for Interstate 95 on I-395 south. Photo by Jim K. Georges (06/98).

I-95 one mile from I-395 north to Downtown Baltimore in 2010.

One mile ahead of Interstate 395 on I-95 northbound at Washington Boulevard. 07/06/10

I-95 south at I-395 - 1997

Button copy signs dating from the 1982 completion of the full-Y interchange with Interstate 395 north at Exit 53. These were replaced by 1999. July 1997

I-95 south at I-395 - 2001

Exit 52 parts ways with I-95 south along a lengthy flyover west to Baltimore-Washington Parkway south to Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), Linthicum and Jessup. I-95 remains elevated westward to Caton Avenue (Exit 51). 10/13/01

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