Interstate 580 Nebraska

Interstate 580 Nebraska
Omaha, NE - 1980

Omaha Inset – 1980 Official Nebraska Highway Map

Interstate 580 was designated along the North Freeway from I-480 north to Lake Street but dropped before the freeway was completed.


Interstate 580 in Nebraska was designated along the North Freeway, which carries U.S. 75 north from I-480 outside Downtown Omaha to the Miller Park-Minne Lusa community. The North Freeway links I-480 with Eppley Airfield (OMA) and the North Omaha area.


I-580 was established by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on July 13, 1976. Maps showed Interstate 580 signed on the North Freeway in the late 1970s and to 1983. Funding issues delayed completion of the route in 1980, and I-580 was removed from the Interstate Highway System because of the relatively high cost of upgrading portions of the North Freeway to Interstate standards.1

Origins of the North Freeway date back to 1954 when a $2.5 million north to south expressway was proposed to boost economic development and speed cattle to the Stockyards.2 1960s plans called for the route to extend north to Interstate 680 in the Florence area.3

Route Information

  • North End – Omaha, NE

  • South End – Omaha, NE

  • Mileage – 3.0

  • Cities – Omaha

  • JunctionsI-480

Source: Application for the Establishment of I-580 submitted to AASHTO on May 14, 1976.

Omaha, NE - 1968
The North Freeway (later I-580 and U.S. 75) proposed from I-480 to Ames Avenue in 1968.

The canceled West Freeway appears as well from Interstate 480 west to Saddle Creek Road. Ramps constructed at the I-480/North Freeway interchange for the incomplete West Freeway were dismantled during a often delayed project from 2005 to 2010.

Prolonged funding issues prompted the State Legislature to change the law to allow use of money for roads that were once a part of the Interstate system to help cover the costs of utility relocations needed for completion of the North Freeway in 1984.4 Additionally the North Freeway received a $6.2 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in December 1984 to put toward the $60 million estimated completion costs.5 With funding in place, the North Freeway was extended from Lake Street 1.5 miles north to A.V. Sorenson Parkway and 30th Street on November 15, 1988.6 The extension cost $57.5 million and was coupled with the Storz Expressway.7 The Storz Expressway opened on July 26, 1989 as a three mile long controlled access route from the North Freeway to Abbott Drive near Eppley Field. The $19.4 million roadway was funded by federal and city funds.7

U.S. 73 was routed northward along the North Freeway to Lake Street until December 6, 1984, when Nebraska and Iowa highway officials moved forward on a renumbering plan to truncate U.S. 73 southward to Winnebago, Nebraska. The former route was replaced by a shift in U.S. 75 westward from the Interstate 29 corridor leading north from Council Bluffs. This also eliminated a lengthy overlap between U.S. 73/75 from Winnebago to Dawson. The change was done in an effort to reduce motorist confusion and to slightly cut costs associated with maintaining at least 100 dual signs between Omaha and Dawson.8

North End – US 75 / Storz Expressway – Omaha, Nebraska

US 75 North Freeway – North

US 75 north at Lake St - Omaha, NE

The Lake Street off-ramp was northernmost extent of Interstate 580, as the route was decommissioned before construction began along the North Freeway to 30th Street in 1984. 06/18/15

US 75 north at Storz Expwy - Omaha, NE

U.S. 75 (North Freeway) splits with the Storz Expressway east to Eppley Field (OMA) beyond the Ames Avenue overpass. 06/18/15

US 75 north at Storz Expwy - Omaha, NE

The Arthur C. Storz Expressway arcs east around the Levi Carter community to Abbott Drive and the passenger terminal of Eppley Airfield (OMA). Originally a three-wye interchange was planned to join the North Freeway and Storz Expressway. 06/18/15

US 75 north at Sorensen Pkwy - Omaha, NE

U.S. 75 (North Freeway) shifts westward and intersects Sorenson Parkway at-grade before transitioning onto 30th Street north to the Minne-Lusa and Florence communities. Sorenson Parkway meanders west to Northwest Omaha and N-133 (Blair High Road). 06/18/15

US 75 South at North Freeway

US 75 south at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

U.S. 75 south separates from 30th Street at the beginning of the North Freeway. 30th Street continues south parallel to the freeway as the historic alignment of U.S. 73. 06/18/15

US 75 south at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

Angling southeast, U.S. 75 (North Freeway) intersects Sorenson Expressway west and Storz Expressway east. 06/18/15

Storz Expressway West at US 75 North Freeway

Storz Expwy west at US 75 - Omaha, NE

Storz Expressway travels west as a limited access route from 16th Street to the wye interchange with U.S. 75 (North Freeway). 09/04/05

Storz Expwy west at US 75 - Omaha, NE

A left exit ramp joins the Storz Expressway with U.S. 75 (North Freeway) south to Interstate 480 and Downtown Omaha. 03/30/16

Storz Expwy west at US 75 - Omaha, NE

The North Freeway leads U.S. 75 south from the Storz Expressway to Bellevue and I-480 at Downtown Omaha. Sorensen Parkway extends west from Storz Expressway to N-133 (N 90th Street); U.S. 75 follows 30th Street north to Florence and I-680 west of the Mormon Bridge. 03/30/16

Sorensen Parkway – East at US 75 / Storz Expressway

Sorensen Pkwy east at US 75 / Storz Expwy - Omaha, NE

Sorensen Parkway east at Arthur C. Storz Expressway and the entrance ramp for U.S. 75 (North Freeway) south. 03/30/16

South End I-480 US 75 – Omaha, Nebraska

US 75 North Freeway – South at I-480

US 75/North Fwy south at I-480 - Omaha, NE

U.S. 75 (North Freeway) passes through the diamond interchange with Lake Street one mile ahead of Interstate 480. The signed extent of Interstate 580 began at Lake Street. 09/05/05

US 75/North Fwy south at I-480 - Omaha, NE

Traffic splits just beyond the Hamilton Street overpass for the continuation of U.S. 75 onto I-480 south and the left exit for I-480 east. 09/05/05

US 75/North Fwy south at I-480 - Omaha, NE

Approaching the Cuming Street underpass, motorists separated into ramps for I-480 as construction on the five-year project to rebuild the directional interchange with U.S. 75 and the unconstructed West Freeway was underway. 09/05/05

US 75/North Fwy south at I-480 - Omaha, NE

The entrance ramp from Cuming Street connects with both directions of I-480 as a flyover turned eastward ahead of 24th Street. The left side ramp to Council Bluffs was rebuilt during 2005-10 construction. 09/05/05

I-480 West at US 75 North Freeway

I-480 west at US 75/North Fwy - Omaha, NE

Passing by Creighton University, Interstate 480 turns southwest at the former end of I-580. Exit 2C departs next for the North Freeway to Eppley Field (OMA). Photo by Dale Sanderson (2001).

I-480 west at US 75/North Fwy - Omaha, NE

Interstate 480 west at U.S. 75 (North Freeway) and the former northbound beginning of I-580. Exit 2B followed for 30th Street and U.S. 6 (Dodge Street) via 31st and Davenport Streets. 02/22/20

I-480 west at US 75/North Fwy - Omaha, NE

The 30th Street off-ramp (Exit 2B) was a remnant from the canceled West Freeway. The West Freeway would have paralleled U.S. 6 (Dodge Street) to Interstate 680 at the Dodge Street Expressway. The local connection to Gifford Park here was rebuilt to intersect 30th Street at-grade. 09/05/05

I-480 west at US 75/North Fwy - Omaha, NE

Since demolished, all of the bridges pictured here were remnants from the unconstructed West Freeway. They included the eastbound ramps to I-480 and the North Freeway and the off-ramp from I-480 north to 30th Street. 09/05/05

I-480 US 75 North at North Freeway

I-480/US 75 north at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

I-480/U.S. 75 emerge from a below grade section of freeway and separate at the U.S. 6 (Douglas and Dodge Street) overpasses. The traffic pattern at the original interchange with the North Freeway defaulted the I-480 mainline onto U.S. 75 north. I-480 was eventually realigned through the middle of the rebuilt exchange with four overall lanes. 09/05/05

I-480/US 75 north at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

A left exit previously connected I-480/U.S. 75 north with 31st Street at the Gifford Park neighborhood to the west. Permanently closed in 1984, this ramp was built in 1971 for the West Freeway. 09/05/05

I-480/US 75 north at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

The West Freeway off-ramp passed above the southbound lanes of U.S. 75 and 30th Street. It combined with a ramp from I-480 west before tieing into 31st and Davenport Streets. 09/05/05

I-480/US 75 north at North Fwy - Omaha, NE

Additional flyovers carried traffic from U.S. 75 south and 30th Street east to I-480 east. The 30th Street ramp was demolished during 2005-10 reconstruction. 09/05/05


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