Interstate 840 North Carolina

Interstate 840 North Carolina


Located within the Triad region in north-central North Carolina, Interstate 840 follows the Greensboro Urban Loop from I-40 and I-73 by Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI) to the west and the exchange joining I-40, I-85 and I-785 near Stewarts Mill to the east. I-840 accompanies Interstate 785 along the Greensboro Urban Loop for 7.65 miles south from U.S. 29 to I-40/85.

Interstate 85 comprises the southeastern quadrant of the Greensboro Urban Loop. The 13 mile long section opened to traffic in February 2004.1 Completed by February 2008, the southwest leg of the Greensboro Urban Loop is a part of Interstate 73.

Project U-2525C, the final section constructed along the Greensboro Northern Loop, extends 4.7 miles east from Lawndale Drive to U.S. 29. Work commenced on the $137.7 million project in April 2018. A two mile portion opened between Lawndale Drive and N Elm Street nearly a year ahead of schedule on December 23, 2020.8 The remainder of the six lane freeway is opened to traffic on January 23, 2023. Completion of overall work was expected by Spring 2023,1 and actually was in January 2023.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved the final 7.28 miles of Interstate 840 as a logical addition to the Interstate System at the October 2022 meeting.


The 44 mile long Greensboro Urban Loop originated in a late 1940s transportation plan to add a parkway encircling the city. It was later named Painter Boulevard, after a former city manager.7 The initial section of Interstate 840 completed was the two mile segment north from I-40 and I-85 to U.S. 70. Located east of Greensboro and initially signed as Future I-840, the segment opened to traffic in 2002.

Subsequent construction for Interstate 840, between I-40 west of Greensboro and Joseph Bryan Boulevard, was underway during the week of September 8, 2003. The $101.6 million project was expected to open to traffic by Summer 2007, but was delayed until February 21, 2008. Citing potential benefits to Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI) area traffic congestion, this leg of the Greensboro Urban Loop was prioritized by state officials.2 Upon completion, the west leg of the loop was dually signed as Future I-73 and I-840.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering conditionally approved two additional segments of I-840 at their September 2017 meeting: one extending from its split with I-73 and Bryan Boulevard to U.S. 220 in northwest Greensboro, and the other continuing northward from U.S. 70 on the east side of the loop to U.S. 29.3

Work on the northern half of the beltway continued with construction underway in October 2013 on project U-2524C. Costing $123 million, work extended I-840 northeast from Bryan Boulevard (I-73) to U.S. 220 (Battleground). A dedication ceremony took place for the 3.8 mile, six lane wide freeway on April 13, 2018. It opened to motorists on April 19, 2018.4

I-840 at Bryan Boulevard - Greensboro, NC

The future roadways for Interstate 840 at Joseph Bryan Boulevard. This section opened to traffic on December 6, 2017. 12/15/16

Route Information

  • East End – Greensboro, NC

  • West End – Greensboro, NC

  • Mileage – 13.47

  • Cities – Greensboro

  • JunctionsI-40 I-73 I-85 I-785

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

I-840 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Location Vehicles per day
Exits 103 (I-40) to 104 62,000
Exits 104 to 107 50,500
I-73 to Exit 6 (US 220) 19,000
Greensboro, NC Map

The Greensboro beltway carries U.S. 421, I-73 and I-85 along the southern half. I-73/840 overlap north to Bryan Boulevard. I-785 accompanies the east leg of the loop to connect with U.S. 29 north toward Reidsville.

I-785/840 north at US 70 - Greensboro, NC

Interstate 840 north at U.S. 70 and the temporary freeway end east of Greensboro. The freeway opened north from here to U.S. 29 on April 19, 2018. 12/15/16

Project U-2424B added the next four lane section of the eastern loop. Started in August 2014, $140 million in construction lengthened I-785/840 northward from U.S. 70 to U.S. 29 in northeast Greensboro. The 5.5 mile segment opened to traffic a year a head of schedule on December 7, 2017.1 30,000 vehicles per day (vpd) were projected on this section of I-785/840, with forecast traffic rising to 58,000 vpd by 2040.5

With work progressing ahead of schedule,6 the succeeding sections of the Greensboro Northern Loop extended east from U.S. 220 (Battleground Road) to N Elm Street. Work on Project U-2524D, the 1.9 mile long link from U.S. 220 (Battleground Road) east to Lawndale Drive started in November 2016.1 Costing $67 million, this section was anticipated for completion in September 2019,7 and eventually opened to traffic on December 30, 2019. The penultimate section lengthened Future I-840 another two miles east from Lawndale Drive to N Elm Street.

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East End I-40 I-85 I-785 – Greensboro, North Carolina

I-40 East at I-785 I-840

I-40 east ahead of McConnel Road (SR 3000) and I-785/840 in Greensboro, NC.

Signs installed in 2017 added Interstate 785 for Exit 227, where I-40 east meets both I-85 south back toward High Point and I-840 north to U.S. 70. 12/31/23

I-40 continues a half mile from McConnell Road (SR 3000) to I-785/840 north.

Interstate 840 was added on signs for Exit 227 in 2023. 12/31/23

I-40 east at I-785/840 north toward Reidsville and I-85 to south Greensboro, NC.

I-785/840 overlap 7.65 miles north from I-40 to U.S. 29. The U.S. 29 corridor doubles as Future I-785 northeast from the Greensboro Northern Loop to Danville, Virginia. 12/31/23

I-785 South I-840 East at I-40 I-85

I-785/840 south one mile ahead of I-40/85 in Greensboro, North Carolina

I-785/840 shift east beyond the Clapp Farms Road (SR 3041) overpass to the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 21) with I-40/85. 10/12/23

I-785/840 end sign in Greensboro, North Carolina

An end sign was added along the Greensboro Urban Loop for I-840/785 following the completion of the beltway in 2023. 10/12/23

I-785/840 south at I-85 south to High Point and Charlotte, NC

Exit 21 departs I-785/840 east for I-40 west into Greensboro and east with I-85 north to Burlington. A wye interchange follows, taking Interstate 785 onto I-85 south toward High Point. 10/12/23

I-840/785 south at I-40 west in Greensboro, NC

Exit 21 partitions for I-40 west toward Downtown Greensboro and I-40/85 east to Durham and Raleigh. 10/12/23

I-85 North at I-785 I-840

I-85 north at Youngs Mill Rd, 1.5 miles ahead of I-785/840

Interstate 85 curves northeast from Youngs Mill Road to the wye interchange (Exit 131) with I-785 north / I-840 west. 05/31/21

I-85 north at I-785/840 - Greensboro, NC

I-785/840 overlap 7.65 miles north from I-85 to U.S. 29 near Summit Hills in northeastern Greensboro. 05/31/21

I-85 north at I-785/840 - Greensboro, NC

I-785/840 separate from I-85 northbound ahead of a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 21) with Interstate 40 west across Greensboro. 05/31/21

I-40 West I-85 South at I-785 I-840

I-40/85 meet I-785/840 (Greensboro Urban Loop) west in one mile.

I-40/85 head one mile west from the parclo interchange (Exit 132) at Mt. Hope Church Road (SR 3045) to the exchange with I-785 north / I-840 west. 12/30/23

I-40/85 split in a half mile at I-785/840 in Greensboro, NC.

I-40/85 enter the Greensboro city limits west ahead of their separation at I-785/840. 12/30/23

I-85 branches southwest from I-40/840 around Greensboro.

I-85 follows the southeastern quadrant of the Greensboro Urban Loop to I-73. I-73 runs along the southwestern section to I-40 and the west end of I-840. 12/30/23

I-40 west at I-785/840 (Greensboro Urban Loop) north.

I-785/840 connects I-40/85 west with U.S. 70 (Burlington Road) in east Greensboro. 12/30/23

I-40 west at I-785/840 north to Reidsville and Danville, VA.

I-785 and U.S. 29 extend 39.6 miles northeast from Interstate 40 to the Danville Expressway along U.S. 58. 12/30/23

West End I-40 I-73 US 421 – Guilford, Greensboro, North Carolina

I-73 South I-840 West at I-40 US 421

I-73/840 west at I-40/US 421 - Greensboro, NC

I-73/840 proceed 1.5 miles south from the SPUI (Exit 104) with W Friendly Avenue to the cloverstack interchange (Exit 103) with I-40/U.S. 421. 05/31/21

I-73/840 west at I-40/US 421 - Greensboro, NC

I-73/840 pass over Market Street (old U.S. 421) ahead of the two lane exit for I-40/US. 421 west to Winston-Salem and I-40 east to central Greensboro. 05/31/21

I-73/840 west at I-40/US 421 - Greensboro, NC

Two lanes continue south along I-73 from the end of Interstate 840 toward High Point, south Greensboro and Asheboro. 05/31/21

I-73 US 421 North at I-40 I-840

I-73/US 421 north at I-40/840 in west Greensboro, NC.

I-73/U.S. 421 north at the systems interchange (Exit 103) with I-40 east to Greensboro and I-40 west to Winston-Salem. 08/16/21

I-73/US 421 north separate at I-40/840 in Greensboro, NC.

U.S. 421 turns west alongside I-40 toward Winston-Salem while I-73 north combines with the beginning of I-840 north at I-40. 08/18/21

I-40 East US 421 South at I-73 I-840

I-40 east at Gallimore Dairy Road (SR 1556), one mile from I-73 in Greensboro, NC.

Traffic partitions along Interstate 40 east for I-73/U.S. 421 south at Left Exit 212 A ahead of the cloverstack interchange with I-73/840 east. 08/15/21

I-40/US 421 east split in a half mile at I-73/840 in Greensboro, NC.

The three lane continuation onto I-73/U.S 421 south is a remnant from the 2008 plan to reroute I-40 along the southern half of the Greensboro Loop. 05/31/21

I-40/US 421 east at I-73/840 - Greensboro, NCaI-40/US 421 east at I-73 (Greensboro Urban Loop) south.

U.S. 421 follows the Greensboro Urban Loop southeast along I-73 and I-85 to the Future I-685 corridor linking Greensboro with Sanford. 05/31/21

I-40 advances east from US 421 to Exit 212 B for I-73/840 north.

The succeeding ramp from I-40 east is for I-73/840 north to Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI). 08/15/21

I-40 east at I-73/840 (Greensboro Urban Loop) north.

I-73/840 overlap 3.63 miles north from Exit 212 B to Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard (SR 2085). 08/15/21

I-40 east at I-73/840 north to PTI Airport and Martinsville, VA.

Interstate 73 branches west from I-840 (Greensboro Urban Loop) en route to PTI Airport and Rockingham County. 05/31/21

I-40 West US 421 North at I-73 I-840

I-40 west at Guilford College Rd (SR 1546), 0.75 miles from I-73/840 in Greensboro, NC.

I-40 meet Guilford College Road at Exit 213, 0.75 miles from the cloverstack interchange with I-73, I-840 east and U.S. 421 south. 08/14/21

I-40 west at I-73/840 north to PTI Airport.

An auxiliary lane opens along I-40 westbound from Guilford College Road (SR 1546) to Exit 212 B for I-73/840 north to Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTI). 08/23/21

Exit 212 B leaves I-40 west for I-73/840 north toward Martinsville, VA.

U.S. 421 accompanies I-40 west from I-73/840 to Salem Parkway through Winston-Salem. U.S. 421 south overlaps with I-73 from I-840 to I-85 and the Future I-685 corridor. 08/23/21


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