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What is Next?

Well it seems that I have been updating Interstate Guide, Interstate Guide, Interstate Guide. However, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. With the recent completion of Interstate 27 and Interstate 110 in Texas (as well as a picture of an 80 mph speed limit sign in West Texas on Interstate 20, [...]

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Rochester, NY update

I decided to take a break from my updates to U.S. 1 and the creation of Florida Keys guide to do a spot update on Upstate New York. So I created new guides for Interstate 590, the eastern half of the Outer Loop freeway at Rochester, New York, on North East Roads @ AARoads. Last [...]

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Texas Updates

As I slowly attack my backlog of photos, I've added some more pics from US 59 in Houston, as well as a roadmap from 1972. LoneStarRoads has not made it out to West Texas to see the 80 MPH Speed Limit (trust me, I want to). On IH-10, the 80 MPH speed limit applies from [...]

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The Blog

Well it's finally come together, the AARoads Blog. I've always wanted a forum for the site, but finding someone to help us set it up, let alone trying to figure it out ourselves, has been tedious at best, so we gave up on the concept. A few months ago Justin posed the idea of instead [...]

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Highway 58: The Golden State’s Loneliest Road

We've all heard of U.S. 50 in Nevada as the loneliest road in America (even though some might argue that certain other federal highways in Nevada -- such as U.S. 6 or U.S. 93 -- are more deserving of this title), and we all know that one of the busiest freeways in the country is [...]

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I-95 traffic outruns money for construction (Delaware)

I cull through the Delaware News Journal's online website almost every day looking for road related stories for the website and for my personal interest in my former state. One was posted today about Interstate 95 and its growing congestion and lack of money to upgrade the ailing interchange with Delaware 1 and the bottleneck [...]

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Arizona/Utah I-15 Update

I-15 in Arizona has been completely resigned. The changes noted: Exit 9 is now "Desert Springs" instead of Farm Road. An increase in the number of distance signs. There are at least 3 distance signs each way pointing to St. George, Cedar City and Salt Lake northbound - southbound to Cedar Pocket, Mesquite, and Las [...]

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Louisiana Coverage Revamped

My first trip through New Orleans in 2006 occurred in early January on a cross-country voyage along Interstate 10. I was quite stunned with the devastation that took place in the Big Easy (it looked as bad as it was portrayed in TV), but had little sunlight to work with as far as road photography [...]

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Lift off over Jacksonville

After having traveled to Miami, Orlando, Key West, throughout Tampa Bay, to Northwest Florida several times, and all around the rest of Florida in 2006, Jacksonville was last on the list of places to document. The opportunity to drive to Jacksonville, Florida arose sooner than Justin and I thought as my brother in law was [...]

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