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Half done

The new stack at the Dallas North Tollway and the Sam Rayburn Tollway in suburban Dallas is a little more than halfway finished. Construction began in February 2010, and the junction is expected to open in March, 2012. This photo was taken yesterday, looking north. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5143/5773420857_d915346a9f_z.jpg

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A Spur for America

The newest section of freeway opened in El Paso yesterday, completing Spur 601. http://www.txdot.gov/project_information/projects/el_paso/spur_601/media_kit.htm Originally called the Inner Loop Freeway, Spur 601 was renamed the "Liberty Expressway" and it connects "Purple Heart Blvd" with the "Patriot Freeway" with an exit at "Constitution Avenue" for good measure. If this all sounds like the freeway system of a fictional city in the G.I. Joe Universe, it may have something to do with [...]

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ICC to the BWI?

The first section of Maryland's 6-lane toll freeway the Intercounty Connector opened yesterday. The project, which has some of the highest tolls in the United States, has its own website complete with interactive maps http://www.iccproject.com/project-area.php. It is the first new freeway in the Washington DC area in several decades.

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Melvin Amstutz

The Amstutz Expressway (known as "the Amstutz" and "the road to nowhere") is a portion of Illinois State Route 137 north of Chicago that runs along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Originally intended to be a relief route for I-94 and run from Chicago north into Wisconsin, the road was never completed and today only small two portions exist: a short stretch in North Chicago and another through Waukegan. The North [...]

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One way

The R9 ring road in Charleroi, Belgium runs pretty close to the city center. What makes it unique is that the entire freeway is one-way, an idea which may work well in other places. Photo by Chris Stegehuis, used with permission.

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The Craziness Spreads

Plano, a suburb of Dallas, opened Texas' first "Michigan Left" today. http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/States-first-Michigan-Left-Turn-opens-at-Plano-intersection-99324379.html The newspaper was replete with graphic and map, while the local news had stories from confused locals - who were unable to ascertain how to use the newfangled contraption. Plano is also getting the state's first SPUI, now under construction. Preston and Legacy Michigan Left

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Not as cool as the Alaska Highway, but still deserted.

Texas State Highway 161 is part of the outer (outer) loop of Dallas currently being constructed all the way around the city, ignoring that pesky Fort Worth. Other parts of the roadway include the planned Loop 9 to the south, and George Bush Turnpike. The latter road is currently being extended east and south of its current terminus. The newest section of SH 161 to open is about 5 miles [...]

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