After the Arctic Circle, we head south and then west to Manley Hot Springs, before returning to Anchorage.

The Dalton Highway is numbered 11 – but there are very few signs for it.

Ducking between clouds for sunset.

And here’s the northern lights, from Manley Hot Springs!

Rainy day at the Arctic Circle, as we turn around to head south.

The tanker truck proceeds north after a driver change.

The turnoff for the circle is maybe 500 feet off the road – nowhere near a mile.

The pipeline has expansion joints built in. In case of temperature variation (of which there is much in this part of the world), it does not buckle.

The route marker has the shield and banner on one piece of aluminum.

Crossing the Yukon river.

A splash of color in the sky.

The sun begins to set.

Lots of dark clouds.

Mileages in reverse order.

Snow-capped mountains in the distance.

A few sunbeams.

We’re back at the welcome sign.

We stop here for a bit of sunset.

A spot of iridescence.

Crystal watches the sunset.

The last illuminated cloud.

We’re back at the Dalton turnoff. And it’s officially dark. I didn’t take any photos until we actually got to the northern lights, because we didn’t do much other than change a tire.

Northern lights are faint to the actual north.