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New Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

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A public meeting was held last week for the planned new Corpus Christi harbor bridge. The web site and EIS documents are suggesting that it could be under construction starting in 2015 and done by 2020. But due to the high price tag, I'm inclined to be skeptical of that aggressive schedule.

The recommended alignment is the Red alignment which will take the freeway on a new 2.76-mile alignment.

The Red option has an impressive vertical clearance of 216 feet, which will place it among the highest vertical clearance bridges in the United States. The main span of 1515 feet is also within 76 feet of the longest cable-stayed span in the U.S. (although not impressive by international standards). Estimated cost is $637 million for the six-lane bridge with full inner and outer shoulders.

This may be moving forward sooner than I thought. TxDOT just posted a solicitation for an engineering management firm for the period June 2014 to August 2019.

Description of Services to be Provided:
The Strategic Projects Division (SPD) is seeking one (1) firm to fulfill the role of General Engineering Consultant (GEC) for the management and auditing of all activities performed under a Design-Build for SH 181 (Harbor Bridge) from North of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel to South of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel located in Nueces County, Texas.

Contract Information:
Contract execution is expected by June, 2014
Contract duration is expected through August 2019.
The proposed contract payment type is cost plus fixed fee / specified rate /unit cost

In an April 30, 2015 Minute Order, the Texas Transportation Commission ("TTC") awarded the design-build contract for the Harbor Bridge to Flatiron/Dragados, JV.  Also, an April 30, 2015 presentation by TxDOT to the TTC includes this visualization of the new bridge (page 26/31 of pdf):

This TV video reports that the new bridge will be the longest cable-stayed bridge in the U.S.


TxDOT quotes a main span length of 1,655 ft (504 m), which would indeed be the longest span cable-stayed bridge in the United States.

They also call it 'third longest in the world', but that's an error. There are at least three dozen longer cable-stayed bridges in the world, with the longest having over twice the span of the new Harbor Bridge.


--- Quote from: Grzrd on May 01, 2015, 02:11:11 PM ---an April 30, 2015 presentation by TxDOT to the TTC
--- End quote ---

An interesting option for the design-build team is the possible creation of a new southern terminus for I-37, in which the current section of I-37 from SH 286 to Mesquite Street would be converted to a low-speed arterial street (p. 2/31 of above-linked pdf):

I'm guessing that the change would not be large enough to require new exit numbers, mileage markers, etc.


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