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Have you ever been on television?

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I was interviewed by WGN-9 at Taste of Chicago I think in 2001.

I was interviewed by WSBT-22 in South Bend in 2011 to commemorate our family's 50th consecutive year of bowling on Thanksgiving.

As a student manager, I can be spotted on the sideline of a few Notre Dame football games from the 1993 season, most notably the Cotton Bowl.

I competed on It's Academic when I was in high school and briefly appeared on the show again two years later when I was in the audience to watch my brother compete on the same show.

I used to show up on UVA basketball broadcasts all the time due to being down front with my face painted orange and blue and an orange thing tucked under my hat to make my hair appear orange.

More recently, I was interviewed by a local TV sports reporter after my wife and I got our picture taken with the Stanley Cup after the Capitals won it in 2018. A brief clip of that interview was used on that night's sports report.

According to my mother, yes on WBTV, in 2019. I was volunteering at a political event.

I was interviewed by KWTV when I attended the ODOT open house prior to the demolition of the old I-40 Crosstown in downtown Oklahoma City. I think I said something silly about how even though the road was closed I felt compelled to stay out of the travel lanes.

One of my supervisors saw it and the next day at work he approached me to say, "I saw you on TV. You were wearing a hat." Then he walked off. Thus was the only review of my 30 seconds of fame.

My post was the inspiration for this thread, and yet I can no longer find the video on the news station's website.


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