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Chains Defunct in One Region Only to be Alive and Well in Others

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--- Quote from: Rothman on September 23, 2022, 11:12:18 AM ---I've been trying to think of what the best big chain pizza would be.  I remember when Little Caesar's was edible back in the 1980s/1990s.  Too bad they went kaput in terms of quality.

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Mellow Mushroom and itís not close.

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I loved MM when I lived in Georgia, but the pizza at the location in Adams Morgan in DC bordered on inedible, and the location I went to in Phoenix was nothing to write home about.

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Thatís a shame. There are three in Richmond, and Iíve had consistently good food and drink every time Iíve gone to any of them. But theyíre also the only three Iíve been to.


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--- Quote from: jp the roadgeek on September 30, 2022, 11:19:05 PM ---Church's Fried Chicken and Lee's Famous Recipe Fried Chicken used to have quite a few locations in CT.  Now the nearest Church's locations are in Philly and South Jersey, with the nearest Lee's Famous in Richmond, VA (Lee's is alive and well mostly along the I-75 corridor and in Indiana).

Surprised no one brought up the couple of Hardee's (later rebranded as Carl's Jr) in the Hudson Valley that came and went in about 5 years.  They were supposed to move into New England, but it never happened.  Now the nearest Hardee's is in Bear, DE

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I never knew Lee's was that widespread. They seem to be concentrated in Kentucky, although a few locations have closed in recent years. I'm a big fan of their food.

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I had no idea either! Apparently the Richmond location is the only one in Virginia. They also have three locations in British Columbia, interestingly enough.

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Lee's exited Middle Tennessee in the 90s or maybe the early 2000s.  They had a couple things I liked that weren't available at the other chicken outlets.  I think they competed with Mrs. Winners in the market.  Mrs. Winners also exited the market as well.

Noticed yesterday: A new Popeye's in Winchester, Ky. Within spittin' distance of where the old one was that closed years ago.

If a chain becomes defunct in one region, then comes back to it, does that make it refunct?


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on October 05, 2022, 06:53:50 PM ---If a chain becomes defunct in one region, then comes back to it, does that make it refunct?

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Good question, I've been reading this all along as "chains that had a national presence at one time, but are regional now" (see, e.g. Big Boy).


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