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Counties without stoplights

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Even though it seems like I see at least one new stoplight every year, there are some counties that still don't have any stoplights.

Lake County in Michigan has two flashing lights (both intersections of M-37 and US-10). However, there are no full stoplights in the county. Benzie County only has one (the north intersection of US-31 and M-115 in Benzonia) and so does Oceana County (State St and Washington St in Hart).

I suspect a good portion of the counties in central Nebraska's Sand Hills region do not have any.  There's probably large chunks of other states in the Great Plains region as well without any.

Union County, NM has seven.  one is in downtown Clayton, the county seat.  the other six belong to a friend of mine.

Jackson County, home to Walden, is the only county in Colorado without a traffic signal.

I've heard that Hamilton county, NY has no permanent stop light.


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