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Looks to be 2017-18 from the google street view. New installs have popped up elsewhere in the city and they use the regular nyc style mastarms. Itís extremely strange, out there with the span wire lights in Staten Island by the end of Korea vets parkway


--- Quote from: mariethefoxy on December 11, 2022, 03:19:24 PM --- Nassau County style mast arms in the middle of Queens by LaGuardia, (I know there's the sets on Jericho Tpke in Floral Park where there's NYCDOT streetlights but Nassau style mast arms since its on the border.)

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Would not be opposed to NYC finally retiring the guy-wire mast arms in favor of something like this and also finally moving to full on 12 inch signal heads for every signal. It's wild to me that they're still using 8 inch ones in a lot of installs even in 2022.

NYC's not the only ones still using 8-inch signals. Outside the City on Long Island, Nassau County DPW is still installing a mix of 8 and 12 inch signals.


--- Quote from: roadman65 on October 08, 2022, 08:33:33 PM ---Interesting. I never realized it. NYC has no expressways wider than six lanes. Despite it being the largest city in the US, it donít have the capacity  like other cities smaller than it has for roads. Even Atlanta has the super wide I-75 going through it.

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What the NYC metro does have in many cases though is a lot of freeways spaced relatively close together, even if they aren't that wide individually. If you look at lane miles per capita across the metro area, there are quite a few places with fewer than NYC does (0.396) including notably Miami (0.388), Tampa-St. Pete (0.380), New Orleans (0.371), Chicago (0.332), and Indio/Other Desert Cities (0.203).

Cities at the top of the list meanwhile tend to be either relatively small cities that happen to be located at major freeway junctions (e.g.Cheyenne at 1.873) or cities that have lost population since the 1950s and have a freeway network that was built for more people than are there now (e.g. St Louis at 1.070).

Philly to me seems like itís got very few freeways and lanes for the size of the city, how does it compare to NYC in that metric?


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