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Changing one letter of a thread title

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"Former McDonald's strands", where people discuss stringy fast food products.
"Miner things that bother you", where hbelkins and SP Cook discuss various inconsiderate things the coal industry has done to inconvenience them.
"Because BOAT", roadgeeks discuss travels in water vehicles.


--- Quote from: 1 on January 31, 2021, 09:13:29 AM ---Moderna Auto Trails

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Would this be trips to get the COVID vaccine?

Yay my thread with 0 replies made the list  :sombrero:

- Why flying Cow trucks never took off
- Pississippi
- Mississippi may raise steed limits to 75 on interstates

I can see my house from here > I can see my hose from here

Some of my threads:

Nixing Baton Rouge (for Crimson Tide fans only)
Question about dumping threads (where people discuss their locales' method of disposing of yarn)
Fun Facts About Your Bounty (where everyone discusses the most intriguing stories of their paper towels)
Suffixed Routes For Tall Interstates
Speed Limits That Are Two High (where people post their pictures of speed limit signs ending with a digit of 2 or 7 instead of 0 or 5)
I-12 Jest
How Do You Divide The Stakes? (a thread discussing the method of cutting a stake in half. Answer: With a saw)
US City Fame (a thread ranking the relative fame of every single US city)
Double Necker Freeways: Feasible And Safe? (I'll leave that one up to the imagination)

Edit: added a couple more thread names and added some descriptions


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