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Changing one letter of a thread title

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"toads that cross the same state line multiple times"
"Toad Guy Rob: Great Youtube Channel I found". A guy makes videos about amphibians he's seen.
"New Asphalt Additive Allows Pavement to Self Dice"
"Have you ever made a formal compliant with a road agency?", swapping two letters, forming a thread full of tales of roadgeeks forcing the school dance to follow DOT standards
"Temporary foxes that just became permanent", about wild canines that never get removed, and everyone just gets used to them
"Tunneling with Meat" (ew)

Pasting about Fictional Highways (Just need to cut from somwhere else)
Bypass you'd like to pee (on?)
Extender I-95
Compilation: FritzOwl on one thread
Closest stretches of road you have NOW clinched (Progress :bigass: )
Interstates with Ghost Towns at exits
Green sloppy things
Worst Airports You've Seen To(o)?
Your on-off airports
Defund Counties
Your first yolo trip
Chain Pogos
Tity Beautiful (also quickly deleted?)
Good riddance': Tech's flight from San Francisco as a relief to some advocates
Cutting parking pot space in half
How I'd Pay out a town
Former McDonald's stamps (2 letters - commemorative)
RIP James Vaughn
US Pity Game

Did comedy teach its peak in the 80s?

What if your country was rotated 45? (I actually edited my post's title there to read that)
What if our county was rotated 45?
What if our country was rotated 75? (or any other number)

And an entire board: Midwest - Great Fakes

Trash prone 'modern roundabouts'
Sign Maker Web Ape
Traffic lights that only operate on a seasonal basin?
The Clearview threat
Spam Wire Vs Mast Arm


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