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Highest route number you have traveled at least two unrelated routes

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What is the highest route number where you have been on two distinct routes?

Do not count two segments of the same route number (both I-88s), or related routes (I-794/WI 794, US 6/BUS US 6, IL 64/IA 64)

Mine is 524, with IN 524 and KY 524.

Is I-495 (MA) and NY/NJ 495 cheating? If it is, GA 400 and A400 in London.

Max Rockatansky:
Likely I-880 and FL 880.  I say “likely” given there is a crap ton of County Routes, Florida Roads and Hawaii Routes I’ve been on with high numbers.  I can’t recall two common ones off the top of my head at the moment. 

Edit:  I have been on CA 905, SC 905, NC 905, Monroe County 905 and Monroe County Route 905A

Edit 2:  I have been on I-990 and FL 990 also.  I guess this why people keep TM accounts…

Well... I can only think of 86 right now: NY-86 and I-86. I'll probably end up finding a better one though.

jp the roadgeek:
If we can count non-signed routes, it would be I-695 (DC, MD, and NY), and SR 695 (CT).  I've also done a few of the 495's (NY/NJ with either MA, DE, or MD/VA)

If none apply, it's CT 372 and PA 372


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