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Western Kentucky Parkway as Interstate spur from I-69 to I-165

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SoCal Kid:
I agree, should be renumbered

I would express my opinion of Congressman Jamie Comer here, but it would probably be deleted. Suffice it to say that I'm not a fan.

That being said, I've long said that the WK should be I-58.

I always thought WK could be an even 2di in the 50s, and perhaps extended over the BG if they ever connect it to anything.


--- Quote from: WKDAVE on April 07, 2019, 05:01:15 PM ---Doesn't this "violate" naming rules?  Shouldn't it be an even first number since it connects two interstates?

For example I-205 connects I-5 to I-580 in CA.

--- End quote ---
The Even-Odd 3DI “Rules” are more “Guidelines” anyway

IL tends to view Odd 3DIs as touching the Parent once - IL’s I-155 (I-55 to I-74) and I-355 (I-80 to I-290, crossing I-55 and I-88 en route) connect multiple interstates. IL’s other Odd 3DIs are more like true Spurs (I-190/O’Hare Airport Spur and I-172/Quincy Spur). But they all only touch the Parent once. Kentucky may be eyeing this numbering theory with a proposed I-369 designation

Then again, coming soon new I-490 in IL will only touch Parent I-90 once, just north of O’Hare, once completed

Take PA’s I-376 (Touches I-76 twice!) and I-476 (Touches I-76 only once!)...The only explanation I have is Guidelines

I'm guessing 369 would end at 165? But why not extend the routing to Elizabethtown/I-65, if they're so adamant about converting the parkways to interstates?


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