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Speaking of DC roads: I recently completed a map that shows all DC roads named after US states.  Everyone knows Pennsylvania Av, and there are other well-known ones, like Massachusetts Av, Connecticut Av, Georgia Av, Rhode Island Av, New York Av... but I was surprised to find that all 50 states are remembered on a DC roadname.  In the spirit of the original city plan, all of these roads run diagonally.  You can discern other patterns by viewing the map...


--- Quote ---About the only non-Interstate route numbers I hear on a consistent basis are US 1 outside the District, and US 50, though even the latter you'll commonly hear "John Hanson Hwy" or "Arlington Blvd" along with it.
--- End quote ---

I'd add 110 near the Pentagon to that list.  I have no idea what the actual road there is called, but I've never heard it referred to as anything but 110.


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