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The Hunty Roads Thread

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Back in December, I created Hunty Roads, a website/blog that covers Virginia's Roads. The website is still incomplete, but I will try to make at least 3-4 pages a month. The route pages have a description of the route's path, and a "My Experiences" part at the bottom. I am thinking of adding more to the pages. I have been waiting to actually create the thread, so I can publish this alongside the biggest route page I've ever done: I-64.

This thread will have the new pages and updates. I would love feedback/suggestions.

Website home page:

I-64 page:

While this thread was waiting for I-64's page to be completed, I created a new Road Trips page, with 2 current road trips with their own mini-page there.

Hunty Roads has hit 2000 views! I have added a page for VA-90 to celebrate:

(The route that I did was selected by a number generator, from 1-895.)

Another milestone! 3000 views! I have added 2 posts, for VA-5, and VA-175! I am thinking about adding a post for a Road Trip to the celebration.

VA-5 Page:

VA-175 Page:

As a result of me buying a new sign, I created a VA-388 page!

I have created a VA-229 post and a VA-262 post, + a mini-page for 8/25/23.



August 25, 2023:

I might also chase a goal to have posts for routes in every county in VA by 2024.


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