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Weather / Re: The Wildfires thread
Last post by bing101 - Today at 02:29:07 AM
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by cl94 - Today at 01:42:00 AM
Problem is that much of Goldfield is a historic district, which effectively stops any major changes, such as knocking down some of what remains for a freeway.
Do you know I will say one thing, This is also responding directly to a couple posters that I respect greatly, I am very happy they are not in charge. Because I think there are several highways out on the west that you could say don't deserve to be full interstate quality and that a four-lane at grade Road would suffice. One such obvious road is I-70 in Utah. I am very happy I can travel that road at 80 miles an hour and not have to go through at grade intersections. I think you could say the same thing about some segments of I-10 in western Texas.
(thinking of what the expected AADT on the Howe bridge will be when the checkpoints go bye bye . . .   :popcorn: )

General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 12:39:21 AM
I'm so old that I remember when "Crash_It" wasn't several aliases deep on Facebook road groups.
Central States / Re: Corridor 58/Theodore Roose...
Last post by WestDakota - Today at 12:36:17 AM
Quote from: Molandfreak on June 15, 2024, 02:18:04 AMThis is just some journalist either unintentionally conflating two different topics or intentionally lying to generate clicks. No need to over analyze it.

A TV news reporter isn't going to be enough of a roadgeek to make up this story without the information being given to him.  There is a quote from ND rep Kelly Armstrong in the story, I would guess there was a press release from him that started it.  Others are correct in that there is no recent press release from the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway website or the Ports to Plains Corridor site to back any of it up.  So I'd put this on Kelly Armstrong, who is now running for Governor, on releasing this.  Probably for political reasons.
Mid-South / Re: I-69 in Arkansas
Last post by Rothman - Today at 12:27:52 AM
Define "slammed."
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by Rothman - Today at 12:27:14 AM
It's called "Let's phone this one in and win it at home."
General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 12:26:27 AM
I remember helping my parents pay tolls on the Mountain Parkway in KY and the shock we had when the tolls ended.

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