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Roads with unfitting road name suffixes

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Joseph R P:
What are some roads you know with some very unfitting suffixes contrary to the way the road is built?

I have a couple roads in Northern Virginia that are only named such because they used to be built a different way:

The freeway section of VA 28 between I 66 and VA 7 is called Sully Road, named for the Sully Plantation. It used to be a normal 2-lane road, but was, over time, upgraded to a large freeway. Of course a freeway is still a type of road, but it's odd seeing a freeway built to near-interstate standards with such a simple name. The section of the freeway through Loudoun County is also designated as Darrell Green Boulevard, named in honor of the retired Redskins player Darrell Green. As far as I know, boulevards are typically arterial roads and not freeways (though there are many freeway-like roads called boulevards outside of the US), however I really like the Easter egg of naming a highway numbered 28 after an athlete numbered 28.

Another example of a freeway with a name typically applied to smaller/lower-speed roads is the freeway section of VA 7, which runs between US 15 and VA 28, particularly the section of highway through the town of Leesburg, named Market Street (however an actual street section of this road exists passing through the downtown). This is another example of a highway which started out as a two-lane road, was widened, then became a freeway over the years due to more development in the area.

Looking at Las Vegas, Nevada, there are many run-of-the-mill arterial roads with the suffix 'parkway', such as Centennial Parkway, Tropical Parkway, and Maryland Parkway. But the funniest of these is a short, narrow dead-end road called Paplinski Parkway in Sloan. Not sure how it got that name.

The "West Seattle Bridge" actually constitutes a good chunk of the freeway that leads up to the bridge on both sides, so that seems pretty unfitting. WSDOT and SDOT removed the word "Freeway" from its name 25 years ago.

Many of Seattle's classic Olmsted boulevards were named for their scenic qualities, rather than being wide roads with plantings.

Alderwood Mall Parkway serves a grand total of zero parks and is just a road around some suburban mall sprawl. Not to be confused with its cousin Alderwood Mall Boulevard, which has fewer trees than a typical Snohomish County street.

"Gary Freeway"

Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia is scenic, but itís design is that of a Boulevard.

Max Rockatansky:
Atwater-Merced Expressway is a road between Atwater and Merced.  It doesnít connect the communities and the claims that it is an expressway are questionable given the short length coupled with the short two-lane alignment. 

That said, if the project ever gets close to the scale it was planned to things change:


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