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I honestly can't ever remember a formal closure for snow west of North Bend in the past 15-20 years, so what she was referring to must have been due to accidents, or just being impractical to make it up the hills to North Bend in the snow storm. Plus unlike the pass, there are alternate routes to get to North Bend like SR 202, so I-90 being closed wouldn't strand her in itself, it seems more like she just didn't want to risk getting stuck (which is probably the right move given how many cars seem to end up abandoned on the side of the road when a snow storm messes up the evening commute here).

I had the same thoughts, I don't see why interstate 90 would have been closed west of North bend for weather. I get certain spots like Tiger Mountain, but I-90 in general isn't high enough at any point west of North Bend have any regular snow that would cause even twice-a-year closures.

Great Lakes Roads:
Here's a video of the Traffic and Mobility Improvements along I-5 in the Centralia/Chehalis area.

State-named shields in that video. I think there may be a roadgeek running the graphics department!

Sound Transit has approved its share of funding for the redeveloped I-405 / NE 85th Street interchange in Kirkland as part of the Stride bus rapid transit program. The existing cloverleaf will be demolished and replaced by a three-level interchange with a dogbone for regular traffic and an upper level for BRT and toll lane traffic. It is scheduled to open in 2026.


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