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I was thinking about Atlanta, and decided to check it out better on Google Earth. The city's urbanized area is just massive. It generally sprawls 30 miles from the city center in all directions, with some areas being as far as 50 miles from downtown (Gainesville, Canton).

I was wondering, since the suburbanization of Atlanta didn't really stop at the perimeter (I-285), isn't there a need for a second, much larger beltway? I measured it on Google Earth, and came out with this. Remember, some areas would still be outside this second beltway, especially in the north.

There have been plenty of proposals to build another larger beltway for Atlanta over the years, but so far all have been shot down for the usual reasons:
-Everyone complaining about costs
-Treehuggers complaining about trees having to be cut down
-NIMBYs complaining about the noise and pollution threat

I'm not sure how/where traffic flows on I-285, but IMHO building at least some 'short cuts' instead of a whole beltway might be an easier solution for now. Granted, it's been a while since I last drove on I-285, but I remember from most experiences that I-285 in the region around the airport is just a huge clusterfvck that desperately needs some support, say from a partial beltway from I-85 eastwards to I-20 for starters.


--- Quote ----Treehuggers complaining about trees having to be cut down
--- End quote ---

Doesn't matter much for those trees if they're cut down for suburbs or for freeways... However, classical objections ofcourse. And in meantime, Atlanta really doesn't stop growing. I wonder where it ends, at the current growth pace, it would be a matter of time before whole northern Georgia is one big urban area.

That would be a good idea, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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Well be prepared for a barrage of sprawl along the southwest corridor of Interstate 85. GADOT is presently eight-laning a 29-mile section with ultimate plans to have the entire freeway eight-lanes between Interstate 185 and Interstate 285! Presently a good portion of that corridor is rural, but with an eight-lane freeway now in town, that land will become that much more lucrative for future development. Its sad to see that politicians really have no clue as to planning in that area.  :ded:


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