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The worst pain youíve experienced

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Max Rockatansky:
This topic came up in conversation in another road chat.  What is the worst level of physical pain youíve experienced during your life time? 

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the damage from getting hit by a car in 2010 would be my worst.  Said accident hurt for sure, but concussion symptoms seemed to mitigate the pain I probably have experienced normally from broken ribs, a broken distal radius and road rash on my face.  Interestingly I recall barrel rolling an ATV in 2001 also mitigated the pain of injury due to concussion.

For whatever reason the worst pain Iíve experienced probably would be associated with stomach issues I had related to a flu during 2016.  I seem to recall pondering several times during the first 36 hours of symptoms how I could possibly be in that level of pain from stomach problems and what the line was for actually going to the ER might be (I never went)?  I donít know what being disemboweled feels like, but I suspect that I had a good analog that year. 

Probably when I scraped a strip of skin from my chin to my forehead off when I got into a bike accident when I was a kid.

Then again, there was that time I broke my wrist playing basketball, didn't know it, and then went into shock that night...

And I just went through some medium-ish surgery this past September, but the pain hasn't been that bad.


--- Quote from: Rothman on October 02, 2022, 05:15:52 PM ---Then again, there was that time I broke my wrist playing basketball, didn't know it, and then went into shock that night...

--- End quote ---

I broke my left wrist playing football once when I was tackled with my left wrist hitting a tree.  I tried to deny that I was hurt that bad, and did not think it as broke until I was taken for X-Rays which made it obvious.

In order of severity, I've felt horrible pain three times.
1. I was playing intramural basketball in high school. I had just scored a basket, and was running back up the court backwards to get on defense. I ended up tripping over the half court line, did a sommersault of some sort, and landed awkwardly on my wrist. I felt the pain right away. When I got home my mom made me ice it and tried to make me sleep with it for the night before taking me in to get it checked out. I thought for sure it was broken, it ended up being just a bad sprain.

2. I've had two hernias, both in my groin, one on each side. The hernias themselves weren't that bad, just a little tender and uncomfortble. It was after the surgery to repair each one where I felt terrible pain for 4-5 days until it started to fade away.

3. Since about mid-June I've had pain in my left hip. Went to the doctor to get it checked out. They did x-rays and found I have osteoarthrits, bone spurs, and impingement. Ive been going to physical therapy since August. I've also since developed bursitis on the outside of my hip. There are definitely times where I wonder if it would be better to just take the leg off, lol. Other times it's not so bad. It kind of ebbs and flows. Since the therapy started the pain from the bursitis has subsided somewhat, but the joint pain is still there. I'm probably eventually headed for a hip replacement. So my hip hasn't necessarily been the worst pain I've ever felt, but it is the most prolonged.

Gout attacks in both knees. One leg in the summer of 2017, the other in the winter of 2018. Excruciating. i was unable to bend my knee without being in agony.

Also, the sciatica I experienced in the spring of 2017 that resulted in my being overprescribed ibuprofen that landed me in the hospital with acute kidney injury. That was the episode that forced me to cancel the New River Gorge meet.


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