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--- Quote ---Getting rather OT here, but I'm wondering where there's a Getty in this state.
--- End quote ---
There's one on US 206 in Andover.

Roadgeek Adam:
It was raining hard last afternoon - couldn't tell at Washington Ave

I'm an idiot, there's still a Getty in my hometown.  Why haven't they switched?


--- Quote from: AlpsROADS ---I'm an idiot, there's still a Getty in my hometown. Why haven't they switched?
--- End quote ---

I don't know which Getty you are talking about, but I know there is a Getty on US 46 in Montville on the eastbound side near Chapin Road/Hook Mountain Road.

I know of 3 Getty stations in the greater Dover, NJ area.  One on NJ 15 south in Jefferson, one on US 46 in Dover, and one in the center of Denville on NJ 53.


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