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Where should I host a "city meet" in 2024?

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Me personally, I am ok with all the above cities as long as it does not conflict with my other hobby, Charlotte is the closest to me drive wise and you would probably the biggest draw of people for attendence, Wichita would give me the chance to explore mor of that city since I was only in the area 3 times over the years and was primarly on the interstates, Mobile would give me the chance to complete the last of the Alabama counties I need and I have an uncle who lives in the area though he may be moving back to York, PA by the time of the meet.

A.J. Bertin:

--- Quote from: A.J. Bertin on June 19, 2023, 07:33:05 PM ---We have one city, Charlotte, that is holding a fairly significant lead over the other two cities as the top candidate for my meet in 2024.  I'm thinking that a 3-month voting period may have been too long.  I tried to edit the poll so that it would close sooner than September 1, but it doesn't appear that I have the ability to do that.  Rather than letting the voting drag out until September 1, I might call it for Charlotte a lot sooner than that.  Twenty people have voted so far, and I sort of doubt that I'll have too many more votes come in.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Scott, for updating the closing date of my poll to July 1.  We'll know pretty soon whether Charlotte is indeed the winner for 2024.

I vote for Wichita because I have a friend there I've been meaning to visit and this would be a great opportunity for a dual-purpose visit.

None of them are places I've spent any significant time, though I have stayed the night in both Charlotte and Wichita before.

A.J. Bertin:
The poll has closed and we have a winner!  My "city meet" in 2024 will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina. :cool:  Thank you to everyone who voted!

At this point, I'm tentatively thinking that I will host Mobile in 2025 and Wichita in 2026.

Hm.  I've never been to Carowinds...


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