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--- Quote from: 7/8 on May 25, 2022, 10:59:25 AM ---I'm surprised something like this would be there for seven years, but I guess if traffic counts are low enough, it might work okay.

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Traffic counts are very low on NY 272 even by rural NY standards. The 2019 AADT on that segment was only 636. The chances of two cars meeting at that point are really pretty minimal; I only saw a few cars along the entire length of NY 272. It looks like what's needed is a culvert, which might eventually be built, but is probably low on on NYSDOT's priority list.

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Yeah, I'm sure there are much more pressing issues in the area if I had to guess, unless the road in question is on failure watch.


--- Quote from: webny99 on May 25, 2022, 10:26:30 AM ---Today I picked up the segments of NY 33A and NY 36 that I was missing and have FINALLY completed Monroe County, NY (my home county). So for the first time in my life I can officially say that I have clinched all highways (Interstate, US, and State) in a county!

I'm not far from completing Wayne County and Ontario County ...

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I was able to add a second county to my list today, as I picked up the remaining segments of NY 89 and NY 370 that I needed to complete Wayne County.

A short trip summary: From the Rochester area I headed east on NY 104 to NY 89. It rained off and on for a while (I could tell I was traveling east at about the same speed as the storm) but it cleared up nicely as I took NY 89 south to Savannah. From there I continued on NY 31 east to Port Byron, then took NY 38 straight north all the way to its terminus at NY 104A. Turned right for a short hop on NY 104A east, then took NY 3 east into Hannibal. After a quick stop and a short backtrack on NY 104, I took NY 34 south to Cato. Upon reaching NY 370, I turned right and took that route back to NY 104, picking up the segment that I was missing between Rochester and Syracuse, and officially completing all NY state highways in Wayne County. Overall, I picked up new segments of six NY state routes and logged 61.5 miles of new highway mileage in just under three hours.

NY 89 was an enjoyable drive and might be my pick for favorite N/S route in Wayne County (certainly on the state highway system, but Maple St Rd/Geneva Rd north of Lyons is a great drive as well). Also of note: I fueled up as I left town and paid $4.99/gal. My purchase was capped at $75.00 and fortunately that was all I needed for my 15-gallon tank, but I guess anyone with a bigger tank would have had to run a second transaction. I also noticed as I drove down NY 104 that my range kept increasing as I went - it was at 391 miles initially, but slowly kept climbing and was at 404 miles by the time I exited NY 104 in Wolcott. I guess I should thank the slow cars I was following for keeping my speed at 55-60 mph and helping conserve valuable gas! :D

After several unsuccessful plans and tries, I finally got a chance to get down to Ontario County today and pick up the remaining segments of NY 14A and NY 245 that I needed to complete a clinch of all highways in that county. The trip went about as well as possible considering I was trying to make up time as much as I could, and clocked in at just over 2 hours and around 120 miles, plus a stop that brought it to right on 2.5 hours.

And now that I've completed three counties, I've updated my mob-rule legend to replace "Home" (formerly just Monroe County) with "Clinched All Highways":

As I mentioned in some of the clinching highways threads, I just got back from a mini-road trip in which I clinched NY 408, NY 371, and NY 15, drove and clinched NY 70, and most importantly, clinched I-86 in New York! I may post more details later but a few quick thoughts...

-NY 70 skyrocketing on my list of favorite state routes. Peaceful, scenic, high quality road, A+ overall.
-I discovered NY 961F, a rare signed reference route in NY. Didn't have time to check it out, but it's not loggable in TM anyways. :D
-I-86 between NY 36 and I-390 is a great road. Light traffic even by I-86 standards and a wide, mostly open median, and as I found out, a lot less crosswind than I-390, at least today, anyways.
-IMO NY 15A is a better I-390 alternate than NY 15. The latter isn't bad, but it's got a long ascent coming out of Springwater, a few speed zones, and lots of curves, many of them slight but still not great sightlines nor passing opportunities compared to 15A.

Took another mini-road trip today on rather short notice and was able to get the remaining segments of US 20A, NY 36, and NY 63 that I needed to complete Livingston County. That included a re-clinch of NY 36 south of Mount Morris, which was again a SLOG. That might be the most truck-trafficked town in the entire state. I barely hit 55 mph between Mount Morris and I-390, and it was a huge relief when 90% of the traffic got on I-390 SB.

I enjoyed this panoramic vista on US 20A, encountered some paving work on NY 63 that fortunately didn't lead to much of a delay, and then took the "fuel efficient" route via various county and local routes back to I-390 exit 8. Not too much else to note seeing as I've been to Dansville many times before and just needed the segments of NY 36 and NY 63 between there and Groveland.


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