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Here's another one of mine. I like this picture because there's just so much in it:
US 101 NB looking down on the Alemany Maze (101/280) in San Francisco.

VA 6 in eastern Goochland County.

Entering downtown Baltimore on MD 295, going under I-95.


AK-3 southbound, Cantwell, Alaska.

someone's driveway - beside US-212 in eastern Montana.

Grand Teton park road, Wyoming.

old NM-32 at US-60, near Quemado, NM.

US-60 westbound.  Springerville, AZ.

old US-6/50 near Thompson, Utah.

I-70.  San Rafael Swell, the 110 mile stretch without services between Green River and Salina.

old US-87 (paralleling I-90) coming in from Montana.

Mexico route 5, north of San Felipe by about 60 miles.

the bridge to Hammerfest, Norway. 

Virgin River Gorge.  I-15 in Arizona.

Ain't he cute!

KEK Inc.:

US-26 in Portland, OR

SR-501 west of Vancouver, WA

SR-501 west of Vancouver, WA

SR-501 west of Vancouver, WA


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