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Oldest Vestigial Signs Posted in the Field for Routes No Longer What is Posted

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I'm not sure how old this sign ( is in Oxnard, CA on Vineyard Ave (former CA 232) identifying the upcoming intersection as "Oxnard Blvd / State Rt. 1", but CA 1 has been rerouted and relinquished within Oxnard.  There's other assorted signage on the old CA 1 route  (including a BGS as you turn from PCH onto Oxnard Blvd), but none of it looks significantly old.

Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: Henry on September 28, 2022, 01:05:45 PM ---I've noticed several CA 42 shields on Manchester Avenue and Firestone Blvd.

--- End quote ---

Still there, M3100 has recent photos. 

There’s a VA 170 shield at a closed gate on Norfolk Naval Base. The road has been I-564 for some time.

I remember at one time CA-141 was well signed in Vallejo up to the early 1990's until they were removed for good.
Also at one point Benicia had CA-21 green out signs on the ramps to I-680 North until those signs are removed to make way for the new northbound Benicia Bridge.


--- Quote from: Rothman on September 28, 2022, 11:42:20 AM ---Pretty sure some old KY 15 signs are still up in Whitesburg on its old alignment.  They were there a few years ago during my last visit.

--- End quote ---

That route is Business 15 (officially known as KY 15X, and there is at least one contractor-installed sign to that effect) so most of those signs through downtown just never had the "Business" banner added.

The same is true in downtown Hazard.


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