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Update on I-69 Extension in Indiana

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Just drove down this way to check out the latest progress on Section 6. Indeed the Banta Road stoplight is now gone and there are no traffic lights south of Smith Valley Road, though with the construction it really isn't smooth sailing until you get past 144 heading south.

One thing of note today is that I noticed the first BGS for Southport Road along SR 37 north of County Line Road. The sign says Southport Road 1 Mile with an exit tab for Exit 162. Immediately to my left the mile markers say Mile 159. The original plans erroneously had Exit 162 instead of Exit 160 as it should be. I'm guessing at some point someone points this out to them. Especially since County Line Road is properly Exit 158 and there's never been four miles between County Line and Southport.

Wow, over a billion dollars spent and this happens? How does someone not double check items


--- Quote from: IndyAgent on December 13, 2022, 08:50:07 AM ---Wow, over a billion dollars spent and this happens? How does someone not double check items

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"Close enough," is probably how the review went.  Being a mile off or so probably wasn't seen as a big deal, exit number wise.

to be fair, that's an easy fix  :-D they can just pop off the numbers and replace them with the correct ones.

Captain Jack:

--- Quote from: NWI_Irish96 on November 01, 2022, 07:25:17 AM ---
--- Quote from: hobsini2 on October 31, 2022, 09:06:02 PM ---When my brother lived south of Nashville and I was making that trip from Chicagoland a couple times a year, If I was in a hurry, I always took I-57 to I-24. If I had time, I liked using US 41/IN 63/Audbon Pkwy/I-165/I-65. I once did I-65 and once did I-69/IN 37/I-65. Not a fan.

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Last time we went to Nashville we did US 41/IN 63/US 41/I-69/I-169/I-24. Much, much less traffic than using I-65.

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Google Maps as well as GPS's are utilizing the US 41-SR 63 route through Indiana. Recently, a friend from Birmingham called to say he would be stopping in Evansville for lunch on his way to Chicago. He said his GPS always sends him that way.

I agree a good bypass to get from 41 over to 394 would go a long way in making that route. I have driven Evansville to Chicago many times with numerous route combinations. My go-to typically is 41-63-41 to Kentland, US 52 from Kentland to I-57 at Kankakee, and I-57 on in.


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