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Is AARoads notable enough for a Wikipedia article?

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I don't think it is, especially since the more popular Minecraft Forum doesn't have one, but there's a shot. Keep in mind that the forum is not the only part of AARoads. AARoads is currently mentioned in a single sentence of the roadgeek article on Wikipedia, although that article is not US-specific.

We have at least 4 Wikipedia admins here and several experienced non-admin members. This helps with creating an article, although not with notability.

I can think of two or possibly three events where our forum affected the outside world, excluding the recent anti-kernals12 video which isn't notable enough:
1. Ken Jennings' 7 posts while researching things for writing the book Maphead.
2. That time we found out where a photo of a specific album cover was taken (East Hartford).
3 (questionable): US 20's quoted length being wrong for decades due to "3365" including alternate routes.
4. Rothman personally deciding that I-81 Business is going to be a thing in Syracuse.

I also believe 1995hoo has appeared in news articles, but that's just "same person as a forum member", not part of the forum itself.

Yes I am.

Why is this a question? Yes, anything can be a Wikipedia article. It just depends on the time one puts into it. I'm sure Alps will be honored if you atarted to create the article for him.

Max Rockatansky:
Certainly it could, the page and forum have been online long enough to justify it.

Me and my many other wikipedia accounts will help on the article!  :-D


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