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Just got my domain name set up, so I figured I'd announce the website I've been working on.  The photo gallery portion is pretty bare bones right now, but I only just coded that section a couple of days ago.  I hope to work on adding more exit lists and photos soon.

And yes, I allow image hotlinking from AA Roads (but nowhere else).

Note: I only just purchased the domain a couple of hours ago, so if the link doesn't work, just wait a while and try again, as it might not have propagated to your local DNS server yet.

Worked fine for me here and my Mozilla Firefox browser. :)

Site looks good. I look forward to seeing what you add!

Exit 21 Southbound 95 also include Midland Avenue for Rye and Port Chester because you can access it along with I-287

Congrats! Great timing, I will link you in my next update.


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