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Plattsburgh and Clinton County, NY Roadmeet - Spring 2022

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As I mentioned at the Utica meet, I'm looking to host a meet in the underrepresented North Country region of New York State. This meet would be based in Plattsburgh NY, with highlights including old and interesting bridges, roads near and straddling the Canadian border, the northern termini of both US 9 and US 11, the bridge to Vermont from Rouses Point, among others.

I'm looking to host this sometime in the spring of 2021, preferably mid May. North Country winters can go on well into April, so I don't want to schedule that early and risk getting snowed out, but May is generally pleasant. Obviously its way too early to set a specific date, but I mostly wanted to see what kind of interest there is. The North Country is a beautiful yet isolated region that many folks don't often get to, primarily because of its remoteness, so having a meet up here might get people to explore the region. Plattsburgh is one of the major hubs of the region, and contains many of the usual chain hotels and restaurants that most are accustomed to, and hotel prices typically aren't terrible.

Possible dates include:
May 1
May 8
May 15 (SUNY Plattsburgh commencement weekend; hotels more likely to be booked and expensive)
May 22 (Victoria Day weekend, shouldn't affect things too much but expect increased traffic in Plattsburgh and might put a damper on one of our stops)
May 29 (Memorial Day weekend, probably not the best)
June 5

Obviously I'm open to later dates, but early May tends to work best for me in terms of getting time off work to host a roadmeet. Plus, there is a walking tour scheduled and I'd rather walk in spring temperatures than summer ones. I still need to finish scouting the area (I have a rough itinerary written, but a couple stops may have to be scrapped). Hopefully this pandemic should be largely contained and things back to normal by the time May hits, but I'm still not opposed to hosting the lunch portion in a park somewhere in Plattsburgh and having folks bring their own food, even if we don't need to social distance.

Thoughts, concerns, feel free to chime in. Once I get an idea of general interest, I can start to flesh things out more. I'm hoping to do more scouting of the area within the next couple of weeks.

A.J. Bertin:
I am potentially interested!  It would give me a reason to check out that part of Upstate New York.

The only concern I have is that I'm tentatively hosting a meet in the Outer Banks of North Carolina on April 24.  (I say "tentatively", of course, because it all depends on whether COVID is under control by then.)  If your Plattsburgh meet is scheduled for a date that's too close to April 24 (less than a two-week buffer), it might be tough for me to make it.

I think this is a fun idea and hope to attend.  I'll have to see how everything shakes out and plan accordingly.  I'm also hoping to take a cross-country roadtrip as soon as this COVID thing finally goes away (or gets to a new stable condition allowing significant travel again), so I'll have to plan around this.

I would definitely be interested in attending this meet as it would give me an excuse to do some exploring around the North Country which is really the only part of New York that I haven't traveled to.  No preference on the dates right now as it's still early, but the options presented seem very reasonable.

I'm very likely if it falls between my dissertation defense and moving away from Albany. Waaaaaay too early to know, but if I'm free, I'll be there. Might be a good excuse to take a weekend to work on clinching Vermont roads, or just spend a day before/after hiking.


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