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Old Traffic Signals

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Inspired by some of our signal talk over in the off-topic section, I sifted through more of my archives for some classic signal assemblies. Click for larger images.

Images from Quincy, Florida:

Crawford Street eastbound at Adams Street

Crawford Street westbound at Jackson Street

The oldest is this one-piece four-way at Crawford and Monroe Streets.

Crawford Street westbound at Stewart Street.

Images from Tampa, Florida:

Lois Avenue northbound at Morrison Avenue.

Lois Avenue northbound at Swann Avenue.

22nd Street northbound at Hanna Avenue.


Orange Avenue north at North Lucerne Circle West with access to Florida 408 west.

Florida 527 northbound at the turn onto Orange Avenue.

Orange Avenue north at the merge with Florida 527 (same intersection as above).

Magnolia Avenue northbound after its split with Florida 527 with Lake Ivanhoe in the background.

These aren't mine, but here are some great examples of Michigan lights that were put up in the 70's and 80's.

Downtown Seattle has many older ground level assemblies. Some of the signals have points on the tops, others appeared to be four-way assemblies with false panels in place of signal lens. Click for larger images.

I posted some images of the old traffic light assembly in Bay Minette on the other thread, but wanted to share some more recent images (taken 03/20/09) of the same signals:

Those Tampa ones are awesome!!! Never saw FL use the 12-inch(?) red, the larger green seems to be more common.

P.S. The "LEFT" above the turn signal in Hellfighter's picture is amusing.  :biggrin:


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