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Cumberland Parkway: Say "bye" to I-66, "hi" to an I-x65

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Announced yesterday (link to congressional press release)

will all the parkways eventually become interstates?

Might as well extend it to I-75 while they are at it



--- Quote from: silverback1065 on September 25, 2020, 03:34:08 PM ---will all the parkways eventually become interstates?

--- End quote ---

Doubtful. I don't foresee the Mountain Parkway getting an interstate designation. Even with the ongoing four-laning, there will be some substandard exits that really aren't worth spending the money on to bring them up to standards. Plus, I don't think the new four-lane portions fully meet current interstate standards.

And the Daniel Boone Hal Rogers Parkway is a super-2 and they've added at-grades along the route since the tolls were removed, so it's a big "no" for that route.

The signs along the Audubon Parkway designating it as a future I-69 spur have long since been removed.

 :clap: Finally seeing this one become reality  :clap:

I will say that I think the Bluegrass Parkway has the best chance of being the next interstate upgrade, likely an odd I-x65. I think the Cumberland will get 365 and (if upgraded) the Bluegrass 765 1) since those numbers are not in use anywhere else, 2) since I-565 was the original proposal for the Natcher upgrade to I-165,  and 3) it would put the odd I-x65s in increasing order as you go north on I-65 (I-165 exit 20, I-365 exit 43, I-765 exit 93). This assuming they don't make the transpark connector a 3di.

On a related note, I haven't heard much from the I-569 designation for the WK lately, and that was designated 1 and a half years ago.


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