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NJ 62 is about to be signed from mainline US 46.  Signs are sitting on the ground awaiting finishing the gantry poles.  Each direction will have at least one shield (EB I know will have two) to go along with the one on the EB offramp at the 62 signal.  Will be interesting to see what else pops up on 62 in the coming years.

Where is this NJ 62?

It's along Minisink Road in Totowa I believe.

NJ 62 is Union Blvd. between US 46 and I-80, inclusive of the approaches on either side of the interchanges.  Used to run up to Paterson and at one point was US 46 before the NJ 6 bypass (present-day 46 east to NJ 20) was built.

that's interesting never knew we , had a Route 62 , and i drive in Totowa at least once a week, i believe theres 50 or so hidden state highways in NJ!


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