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The Embarcadero Freeway

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Post more if you have them.

I've seen a photo with an I-480 shield but I can't remember where it is.  Anyone got it?

The entire length of the Embarcadero was filmed for the 1983 film Koyaanisqatsi. There was a site with screen captures (which is not defunct) that showed a California 480 sign.

The footage of from the movie is found here without the original Philip Glass soundtrack:

A map I recreated of an original publication showing the outlandish alternatives that were once considered for Interstate 480:

When I was first in California in 1991, I spent a month in the Bay Area. One of our drives in San Francisco took me under the closed but not demolished Embarcardero. I remember looking up at the structure and seeing a California 480 shield. It was, to quote ComputerGuy, creepy to see the unused freeway lurking above...

Wow, all of images are really cool but never been in that freeway in my life before...My first time been in SF was in July 1998 as old I-480 bridges are gone as plain new Embarcero Roadway, that all.

It was a genius idea for SF, idk why they scrapped it  :banghead: :pan:


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