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Southeast / Re: SC MV and AV ROW Markers
Last post by cowboy_wilhelm - Today at 06:51:51 AM
I feel stupid for not knowing this until now and never bothering to look it up.

Off-Topic / Re: Random Thoughts
Last post by formulanone - Today at 06:40:28 AM
Quote from: LilianaUwU on Today at 12:32:40 AMYou know, this whole game is all about trial and error. The only way to get through it is to memorize everything that happens. And, once again, I'd like to stress, what's the point of having an energy bar when everything kills you with one hit? ONE, FUCKING, HIT!


To be fair, almost every video game of the time was like that: One hit/touch/error = Instant death

Space Invaders: whomp, whomp, pew, pew, boom
Barrel touches Mario: rotating death
Ghost finds Pac-Man: shrinking pie life disappearance
Battlefield tank battle: one hit and KIA
Tap another car in Pole Position: fiery explosion
Almost anything in Sinistar: beware, you'll die
Mid-South / Re: I-10 expansion between San...
Last post by Chris - Today at 05:20:13 AM

The Katy Independent School District has 96,000 students, so that would put the Katy population at 300,000 or more?
Northwest / Re: I-5 Columbia River Crossin...
Last post by jakeroot - Today at 02:42:03 AM
Quote from: doorknob60 on May 21, 2024, 11:44:12 AMYou can create a Good To Go account with pay as you go and just a license plate, no transponder or sticker needed, and no fees to set it up. I did that last year before driving on the 405 Express Lanes, and they just billed my credit card after the fact (only ended up being $1.00, I was driving from BC to Oregon and wasn't sure what my route would be), didn't have to think about it.

The pay by plate rate is only $0.25 more than the transponder rate ($1.75 less than pay by mail). Seems like a good enough solution for occasional regional traffic. I have the same thing setup for Fastrak in California, which also works well (though for the express lanes in CA you need the transponder, unlike WA).

That said, all of this would be much less of an issue if the US could decide on one standard. As of now, I have accounts set up in WA, CA, and FL (for all of EZ-Pass), and it still doesn't cover every toll road or even every 2di (for example Kansas Turnpike). And my WA Goodtogo account isn't even valid on the Hood River Bridge/Bridge of the Gods between OR and WA, they have their own transponder for some reason.

I cannot believe I didn't know about WSDOT's pay-by-plate option. I always assumed you had to get a transponder or decal to take advantage of the normal rates, or you had to put up with the $2 mail fee.

The problem is still having to do everything beforehand. We should not expect drivers to create accounts for a toll bridge ahead of time when those without existing accounts are likely those using it once or twice, maximum, and almost certainly weren't aware of the toll beforehand. Or if they were (such as a sign saying "toll bridge 20 miles"), it's unlikely they pulled off, created an account, and then passed through. No, they're just gonna put up with a mail toll arriving who-knows-when. That just seems unfair to me. WSDOT should at least allow account creation after passing through the toll gantry.

Quote from: vdeane on May 21, 2024, 12:13:46 PMMaybe this situation will encourage Fastrak and Good to Go to become interoperable.

Perhaps only technically, they will be systems in neighboring states, with less than a day's drive between the other. So yes, I think it would be a good thing to consider.

Luckily, if ODOT ever implements tolls on their freeways, they'd likely use a Good-to-Go compatible system since the Portland area will already have Good-to-Go hardware installed and in regular use (once I-5 is tolled). This will only accelerate the need to combine the two systems, at least technically.
Northwest / Re: North Spokane Corridor - U...
Last post by jakeroot - Today at 02:24:33 AM
Quote from: Henry on May 21, 2024, 11:24:10 PM
Quote from: ErmineNotyours on May 21, 2024, 10:46:26 PMAdding more fuel to the urban legend that Interstates were designed for planes to land and take off.
AFAIK, this is not going to be an Interstate anytime soon, although it would make a good I-x90 spur route.

I think he's just alluding to the idea that people associate freeways with interstates, and associate interstates with the idiotic "every x-number of miles must have a straight section for planes to emergency-land" urban legend that has perpetuated for decades. Ergo, people see this video and associate one with the other.

As an aside...agreed it would make a good spur, though it would have to be dual-signed with US-395.
Central States / Re: ACCESS Oklahoma
Last post by Plutonic Panda - Today at 01:11:00 AM
Heh Norman people still think they can stop this from being built:
Off-Topic / Re: Random Thoughts
Last post by LilianaUwU - Today at 12:32:40 AM
You know, this whole game is all about trial and error. The only way to get through it is to memorize everything that happens. And, once again, I'd like to stress, what's the point of having an energy bar when everything kills you with one hit? ONE, FUCKING, HIT!

Off-Topic / Re: Random Thoughts
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 12:09:30 AM
Yes, the NES port featured on an early episode of AVGN.  The idea is that you die repeatedly in absurd ways until you memorize all the hazards.  I powered through it once on an emulator in high school, even that wasn't easy.
I like the 10 lane alternative. What are the chances that gets selected?
Off-Topic / Re: Oddities that defy convent...
Last post by jgb191 - Today at 12:01:35 AM
Ft. Worth has once again pulled even with Austin, both cities are almost at 980,000.  It's anybody's guess as to which one of these cities will be the fourth in Texas -- and tenth in the country -- to reach the million mark.

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